Monday, January 7, 2013

Friday was Lame

So this past Friday was just not our day here in the Howell world. At work I was moving boxes of envelopes (I didn't think they were that heavy) and while squatting to pick up one of the boxes I got dizzy and blacked out for a second causing me to fall to the ground. Then I felt an incredible wave of nausea and ran to the bathroom to puke. I barely made it to the stall. It was not a fun morning. My boss said that he will move any boxes from now on so thats nice. The rest of the day I was just tired and felt kind of stupid for having that happen. I stayed at work and just took it easy drinking lots of water and not moving much.

Sean and Noah came to pick me up from work and we picked up the car! Finally we were able to get new tires. That was the only good thing that really came out of the day. We played with Noah lots and had a fine evening. I was still feeling nauseous but it wasn't too bad. Ondalynn and her boyfriend Austin came over for a movie and Sean went to the gym. He came back about 8pm with some disturbing news. While doing a pull up he said he felt a pop in his stomach near his belly button and some slight pain. By the time he got home (5 min drive from gym to the apartment) his belly button was sticking out like a cabbage patch doll. He looked it up online and diagnosed himself with a hernia. Onda offered to watch Noah while we went to the ER to have it checked out.

We ended up being there for almost 5 hours. We got there about 9pm and didn't leave til 2am! He had to get a CT scan to see how bad the hernia was. Our friends Alex and Cortney came and kept us company while we were in the exam room waiting for the results. Sean called and scheduled an appointment with a surgeon for Monday the 14th to see when he will get the surgery to correct the hernia. He isn't in pain just discomfort. He said occassionaly it will hurt if he moves wrong but mostly it just feels weird. Also its an annoyance because he can't strain himself so he has to be careful with moving things, pooping and other stuff that could cause him to strain his abdomen area. I feel so bad for him. He is a really trooper though and just makes light of it. He said he is like the pillsbary dough boy when you poke his tummy it pokes back out haha. Silly man.



  1. ouch that does not sound fun at all for Sean :( I hope it can get resolved soon. Bummer that you blacked out at work. I did that twice actually at a job in CA and also in AZ, so embarrassing! Yay for getting new tires, you can drive so far now with no worries :D


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