Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Whats Happening in the Howell Hood

Sean's belly button is still coming out. Its weird and looks gross. He is doing ok though. He says it doesnt really ever hurt. It did for the first couple days but now its just kind of settled, as long as he doesnt strain too much. He scheduled the surgery for Jan 30th. Yay! He will be a fixed man. After the surgery he will be unable to lift basically anything for 2 weeks. Kinda lame. He has started school again. He has 5 classes this semester. All of them are psychology classes. Originally we both thought he was going to graduate in May this year. Turns out we were wrong. This makes me so very sad. The councilor said before that he was supposed to take certain classes and then he would be able to graduate in May but now she said that he still has two classes he needs to take after this semester. Not cool. Its not too bad though because he will just need to take those classes and study for the GRE at the same time then he can take the GRE and then apply for Grad School. He gets home most days around 5pm or 6pm. Just in time to spend sometime with Noah before bed. We do a story, cuddles and then family prayer.

Noah is pretty dang cute. He is learning more and more words. He just soaks up all the language around him. He has such a sweet spirit. He just loves to give love. He is still pretty shy and really attached to mommy and daddy. He blows kisses! Thats my favorite. I love the hugs he gives. He also likes to come crawl into our lap all the time. He has spent the last 2 Sundays in nursery. He isn't exactly sold on the idea yet. haha. He cries just in the beginning and then spends the rest of the time in the lap of the teacher. He does enjoy coloring and is trying to figure out the bubbles. We practice coloring time and bubbles with him during the week. We have been trying to get him to learn to fold his arms during prayer. He isn't sold on that yet either. We are also working on the toddler bed. Another thing he isn't yet sold on. haha He likes to take his time getting used to new things. We are just letting him take his time and figure things out. We are excited to see how he is with the new little Howell baby.

Speaking of baby Howell. I'm 16 1/2 weeks now. I am still experiencing nausea but not quite as bad. Its mostly only at night and I don't always puke so thats a nice improvement. Work is going well. Nothing new going on there. Its a bit busier but but other than that not much. I have been doing a pretty good job on my goals! My mom made me some cloth envelopes to keep my budgeted money in. I have one for groceries, fun money, tithing, household, and kids money. Now when I spend money from that category I know when I'm out and won't over spend. Its a lovely idea a friend told me about. I am determined to keep on budget and save us some monies! Also I made meal plans for everyday for the next 3 weeks! I still haven't been consistent with working out yet. Thats hard. I've never been good with that one. But I will be be better once I stop being so sick. I have been getting a belly! Ooo! And we find out the gender on Tuesday! We can not wait!!! I will definitely keep you updated :) The last picture is of me and my preggie buddies! We had dinner with the husbands and kiddos on Sunday. Thats Melissa and Adriana. Melissa is 15 weeks and Adriana is 10 weeks. Its pretty awesome having friends share the pregnancy journey with. Also my other bestie friend Jessica is pregnant too! She actually told me a week before Christmas in a card. We have talked about being pregnant and having kids together since like forever and now we finally are!! She is 10 weeks. She wasn't telling people but its on her facebook so I assume its safe to talk about it now. I just love that my kids will have other kids to grow up with and be friends with. We can have playdate and just rock at being parents together.


  1. Good lck on the budget!! They are really hard at first, but if you stick with it, you'll get a groove and it will be easier. So exciting about baby!! I can't wait to hear what you're having. And poor Sean, hope everything goes well.

    1. Thanks Rebecca! It is so hard but I'm thinking once I see the savings outcome it will be easier to do. We will let you know when we find out! We need to have a playdate soon! We can bring the kids too haha

  2. Yay for his surgery being a bit earlier than it was originally scheduled for!! I love your posts. I am a blog stalker. Hopefully I come out of the shadows and comment more... At least for now haha. Noah's growing too quickly. I also am so excited to be pregnant together!


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