Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I already failed in 2013 because I didn't get any pictures of the nights events. It was a fun night. I got off work early so Sean and Noah came to pick me up at 1pm. (did I mention that my tires on my car are dead? we need to buy new ones but currently dont have funds for such a thing. so I get to be chauffeured around til I get paid on the 15th.) We hung out at home for a couple hours and then played outside with Noah. We headed out to Amanda and Coreys house about 6pm. The rest of the night was spent playing games and eating loads and loads of food. We tried to get Noah to go to bed in the crib at the house but it was too loud for him to get to sleep. He just wanted to be part of all the talking and playing. Finally around 9:30pm Noah still hadn't gone to sleep so Sean took him to his Mom's house and put him in bed there. After midnight came we went and picked up and went home for bedtime. While Sean was out dropping Noah off at Grandma Howells I got nauseous and threw up a bunch. By the time he got back I was feeling better though. He fell asleep on the couch while I played Apples to Apples with my family. We didn't even do the count down because the game was too much fun. We heard neighbors letting off fireworks so we knew the time had come. Cortney ran over and kissed Sean before I could haha. It was really funny. Sean woke up we kissed and then said goodbye to the family and went to get our Noah and go to bed. It was fun but we were so ready for sleep! I threw up out of the truck on the way home too. I swear if a cop drove by at that moment he probably would have thought I was a drunk partier. Good thing there was no cops around. Noah's bed time is still all out of wack since that night but we are glad he had a good time. I hope it gets set straight again soon.

Here are my goals for this year:
1. Have a baby!
2. Lose baby weight!
3. Read scriptures daily and study not just read.
4. Have family prayer & family home evening
5. Teach Noah to pray
6. Introduce potty training to Noah when he is 2yrs old
7. Help Noah to learn to sit reverently for Nursery during the lesson time
8. Be the best wife ever! Help Sean to achieve goals for school by making sure he has study time
9. Be more active, do yoga, work out with Sean once a week
10. Get 3 months Savings

Sean's goals are:
1. Raise GPA
2. Graduate
3. Start job or internship in the field of psychology
4. Apply for Masters program and get in a good University
5. Be the best husband and father ever
6. Work out and get buff again and be healthy
7. Teach Noah and new baby good things
8. Get food storage started

I want to make sure we actually achieve these goals. Its easy to make goals but then keeping them can be tough because people sometimes just forget or lose interest. Its easy for me to lose interest in working out haha. And I have never been great with scripture study being consistent. Sean however is great at both of those things. I know he will be a great help for me in making sure I do well in them. Also he sometimes struggles with setting up a schedule for himself but I am great at that. So we will be a good support to each other in our goals. Its good to be accountable to someone else. Also just writing them down and looking back at them is helpful too. Another thing I am going to do is keep my goals in my prayers and to report back to my Heavenly Father on how I am doing. He cares about my life and my goals and wants me to achieve them.

What are your goals? How will you make sure you achieve them?

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