Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pregnancy 17 & 18

Here are the pictures from week 17 and 18. I am 18 weeks today! Good news! I hope I'm not jinxing myself but I'm almost sure morning sickness has finally passed :) I have gone 3 days without puking. WAHOO! I forgot what life was to actually keep my dinner down.

I feel the baby move more often now which is awesome. Still not as much as I would like but I think thats due to my uterus being farther back. I haven't gained any weight as of yet but my doctor said that will be coming soon he is sure. I think not puking will be a huge help with that. Now is the time to watch what I eat and not gain too much.

On Wednesday Sean will get his hernia surgery. We are looking forward to it since it will finally be fixed and he can start to heal. But surgery freaks me out so I'm a bit nervous. Everyone says its not a big deal type of surgery so I'm sure everything will go well. Sean just won't be able to lift anything for 2 weeks. Yay for having a husband with no holes though! :) THEN, on Thursday I get to go in for another gender Ultrasound!!! I hope Sean is feeling up for it and can come with. My doctor is amazing and recommended me to an ultrasound clinic so I can get one with a Level 2 machine instead of the level 1 they have at his office. So the pictures will be more clear and we will be able to tell for sure if we are having a little girl or a boy. I can't wait to be able to call her or him by name and not just baby.

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