Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baby loves

It's summer in Arizona. I guess it's actually spring time but here spring really only lasts a week (usually over Easter) and then it's so hot/warm we skip to calling it Summer haha. At least I do. It's been getting into the low 90's so far. I love the heat!! Makes it perfect for swimming!! And wearing shorts and dresses all the time!! Yay! Swimming makes me feel like I've lost 20lbs since the weight gets lifted off my poor preggie body. I took Noah to our pool two weeks ago and he had a real fun time. Then yesterday we went swimming with some of my family and friends. He loved it! My brother in law (the one that's on his mission) girlfriend Kelli came over and did swim lessons for the kids for free. So kind of her. She does it as her job so she is trained and certified to do so. It was mostly songs and techniques to get the kids used to the water. When they get that down there are more lessons. I hope we can get together and do it more before Kelli leaves to her mission in the next few months. Adriana and Spencer had a fun time being with us all too. Spencer was the most relaxed in the pool. Cortney always forgets she likes to swim and has to do I a couple times before she remembers again every year. Silly kid. Amanda wasn't feeling well but still wanted to come so she sat in the water while my sister Andrea did the lesson with Cortney. Corey and my Dad toon turns playing with baby Joshua. He wasn't a big fan of the water. It was probably too cold for his baby self.

The semester is winding down for my Sean husband man. He was pretty stressed this weekend but has since calmed down after realizing his 10 page paper he thought was due tomorrow is actually due next week. He has finals next week as well. Last day of school is the 7th!! We both are excited for that. He is going to start looking for a full time job in the social work field so he will have experience on his Grad School application. In August he will start his last semester of undergrad!! It's only two classes which will make it easy to continue to work full time.

We are no longer in the double digits in the count down for baby time!! I'm 31 weeks today, only 9 more weeks to go. We are so excited to meet you Rebekah Mae! Noah has been doing much better with babies and even with being around people without Sean and I around. He is such a shy guy normally without us and he cries a lot. But the last few weeks have been such a change. It's great seeing him branch out and be more comfortable. He is such a cutie boy. His new thing is to pat our back and call us honey. Love it :)

Sean loves his bedtime routine with Noah. I occasionally take over bedtime (of course on Saturdays since Sean is at work til 10pm) but Sean prefers to do it. It's become his special dad time with him. I don't mind since my belly is getting more and more tight and uncomfortable. It's a lot of work to hold and cuddle him and lift him into the crib. We need to get on getting him into the toddler bed full time. He has only slept in it a few times. We still do family prayer and cuddles but then Sean takes him to her and does extra stories and cuddles. They are such buddies.

I have been feeling more energized since starting the iron pills and eating more iron in my diet. I still get really tired by the end of the day but being in the third trimester and having a toddler does that to you regardless of iron levels. Melissa and I have retuned to the gym and are back to doing yoga! I love it. I feel more productive and healthy after a class. Bekah is still moving and kicking like a ninja baby. All is just going well for us in the Howells clan.

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