Friday, April 12, 2013


Apparently it's pretty important stuff for your body. Not just the pumping iron that Sean loves to do either. It helps bring oxygen to the cells in your body.

I had the glucose test last week and the nurse practitioner called two days ago to let me know the results. I passed the glucose test no problem. Yay for no sugar issues :). But she said that my iron was severely low and that I need to start taking iron pills everyday. When I told Sean his response was "well how did I not realize that?" I as in him. He said that I've been so tired lately and having a hard time sleeping and he wished he made that connection a couple weeks ago. Then I could have started fixing it sooner before it got so bad. It's true. I haven't been sleeping well not only because of the large belly but because my body just won't go to sleep. Also I haven't had much energy to do things. Walking up the stairs with Noah is such a chore. I looked up symptoms of anemia and it said insomnia, leg cramps, bruising, fast heart rate, fatigue, dizziness and a couple other things I don't remember. Of those I have been experiencing the dizziness, fatigue and insomnia. Not getting enough sleep has been hard, especially when my adorable toddler wants to go outside and play and go for walks. We have been spending a lot of time playing in the living room. I'm hoping these pills kick in ASAP and I get my energy back.

Adding more iron rich foods to my diet should help. Things like red meats, egg yolks, spinach, beans, and cereal are rich in iron and i will be happy to eat. A lot of gross things like liver and mollusks have a ton of iron. But I won't be eating those.

Pregnancy does have it's difficulties and downsides for sure. I didn't have this with Noah but there were other things like the round ligament pain I had with him. Each one will be different I'm sure. But even with the hard parts I just love being pregnant! Feeling her move and knowing she is growing and mine is just amazing. I'm creating life! Right now as I sit here blogging (instead of working haha) I am also creating a small precious life. This is such a blessing from my Heavenly Father. It's a tiny little glimpse of what it's like to be Him. He created us and now watches us grow and learn. We get to create our children and watch them learn and grow and teach them. Pretty wonderful.

I love my little Rebekah. Sean says she is wild. I agree. She moves much more than Noah did. I feel her flips and kicks and stretches all the time and they are so strong. Sean loves feeling her wriggle around in there. I can't wait for her and Noah to be friends :) keep growing strong little one.

Oh! I'm now 29 weeks!! What the really? It's crazy how fast it's going.

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