Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My sweet baby girl

Dear Rebekah Mae,

In a few weeks you will be in our arms. Right now I know that you are in the arms of your loving Heavenly Father. You are so perfect. I know you won't always stay that way. None if us can. But I hope you stay as close to our Heavenly Father as you can. I want you to know that daddy and I love you more than you will know (until the day you have your own children) A parents love is so strong it can overcome anything. We will be here for you forever. Because we made the choice to be married in the Temple we have made covenants and have the blessing of an eternal marriage and our children are sealed to us as well. We are a forever family! How great is that!

We want to teach you and guide you in this life and help you to always feel important and blessed. We are so grateful for the opportunity to be your parents. I can't wait to meet you and see your personality develop. I know whatever you do with this life it's going to be great and you will bless the lives of many. You already are blessing our family. Noah is going to be such a great brother to you.
We learn to love others from the example of our family. Let me tell you, you are getting the best example ever. Daddy is an amazing man and couldn't love his children more. I fall in love with him more and more everyday just by watching the way he is with Noah. The way he takes care if me in order to take care of you make me know how much he cares for you as well.

Keep growing sweetheart. We can't wait to hold you and give you loves!!

Love Mommy

Ps. We had a dr appointment yesterday. I gained 2lbs which is the recommended amount. I'm up a total of 20lbs now. I should be gaining about a pound a week now. We shall see how that goes. My iron is better and I have more energy considering I'm growing a human. I have been having contractions more and more but nothing to be concerned about since they are very irregular. Dr said that my belly is measuring perfectly and that I have a nice looking tummy :) haha. He was also surprised I was wearing normal skinny jeans at the appointment and not maternity jeans. He said "kuddos" lol. He said after feeling my stomach and uterus that it feels like Bekah girl is taking up a lot more room than Noah did and kicks more. He said its just a guess right now but that he thinks she is bigger than Noah bug and will be about 8 or 9lbs. He said I can get an ultrasound at the next appointment to see how she is growing and get an estimate on her size and see her position. Ultrasounds aren't always correct with weight though. They are give or take 2 lbs. but it's a nice guess. I can't weight to see her!!!! It doesn't make much of a difference how big she is. 8lbs is the average size of a newborn anyway. It's just so weird to think of something bigger comin out of me after having such a small Noah. But I can do it!! Maybe bigger will be easier because of gravity and more to push haha. So my ultrasound is scheduled for May 15 and dr appointment after. Yay!!


  1. This letter gave me chills, SO SWEET! I can't wait for you to meet your baby girl :)
    Your shirt is ADORABLE! I love it! I wore my normal pants until 30 weeks and once I switched to maternity pants I wanted to punch myself. I tortured myself for TOO LONG! I loved my maternity pants, ha ha!


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