Monday, April 1, 2013

Things are progressing

I'm officially in the 3rd trimester! 27 weeks:) 3 months to go and we get to meet our little Rebekah. I have a dr appointment this Thursday. We will get to hear her heartbeat and hear how she is growing. I think I get another ultrasound around 30 something weeks. I don't think I've gained much weight still but the belly is growing. I've been having heartburn a lot but nothing crazy. Also I eat all the time!! I'm always hungry!!! Bekah moves so much and very strongly. It feels like he is doing gymnastics in my belly haha. I don't remember Noah's movements being this strong.

Noah is doing well with me holding other babies now. He doesn't mind when he sees me holding Joshua as long as he gets to be close to me too. He grabs at my belly a lot and says Bekah an sometimes bites my stomach. He is going through a biting stage. We are trying to break him of that habit. He does it to be silly. He doesn't realize it hurts. It's because we play bite him but we use our lips. He hasn't figured that out.

Other news for our growing boy. Noah took a tiny little poo in the toilet this week! He let daddy know he had to go so Sean put him on the toilet and he went! It was exciting. I was at work but Sean texted me about the bug moment. He said he gave him lots of praise and that Noah was very pleased with his accomplishment. We will see how this all goes. I probably am getting my hopes up for nothing but it would be A-Mazing if Noah was potty trained before Rebekah came and doubled the diapers. He had been using the toilet every once in a while all week now. And is even in pull up diapers now. He lets us know after he pees and sometimes he does before. That's when we get him to the toilet in time.

Sean is doing really well in his classes and loves learning. He likes to tell me about it all and it's fun. He is working out almost every day now and it is paying off. His biceps are getting big. I like :) haha.

After our nap one Sunday after church.

Noah loves helping Grandma with outside chores. Especially with his little man rake.

We are lazy in the mornings and kind of lounge around for the first 15 to 30 minutes.

Cortney and Noah love playing together :)

Sean's Dad Mitch came and stayed with us for two nights so he could be there for Seth's Farewell talk. Noah had a lot
of fun playing with his Grandpa.

Noah loves clocks! He calls watches clocks too. So we decided as a treat to him we would
take him to walmart and let him pick out his own little "clock" We thought he would like the
little kid ones with fun characters on them. We were wrong. First thing when we brought him to the
watch section that was the one he grabbed. We showed him the other ones and he was not even slightly interested.
Turned out that grown up watch was only $5 and the kid ones were around $10 or $12. He carries it around and plays with it a lot. So adorable.

Kind of fun fact. I still fit into non pregnancy clothes. Those pants I'm wearing are my brother in law's. Seth leaves for his mission this week so he gave a bunch of his clothes to Sean. I was wearing a dress at their house on Easter and wanted to change into pants so I tried on his and they fit!! . . . Well kind of. haha I had to use a rubber band to keep the button kind of closed. But they will fit me better when I'm not all preggie. Pretty cool they fit otherwise.

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  1. That is funny about the watch! Weird that that watch would be less expensive than the kids ones. Who knew!


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