Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Conference Time- yay!

I always look forward to this weekend! The spirit is so strong and revelation and guidance from Heavenly Father just flow. Answers to questions come. Faith is strengthened. It's just amazing. I love the restored Gospel.

I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church. I know that President Thomas S Monson is a true prophet and is called of God to lead His church. I know that the men and women called to serve in callings in the church are called by God.

Saturday Sean had to work. So Noah and I went to Sean's moms house to watch it. Onda and Elizabeth's boyfriend Scott were there as well. We had a yummy big breakfast and lunch. David came over for the second session. Noah slept through the whole first session. Which was nice because I was able to pay attention better. The second session Noah was awake and playing with play dough with uncle Davie.

Sunday Sean was home which was lovely. Our best friends Ben and Melissa an their daughter Belle came over to enjoy conference with us. They brought waffle mix and strawberries. We provided the bacon and chocolate milk. Yum!! Noah once again napped for the first session. He held his hands and stood quiet for prayer again! I love how reverant he can be when he knows he should. . sometimes. haha He is a toddler after all.  I have a couple favorite talks. I will post then randomly on here. If you would like to read or watch the talks you can go to lds.org

Hope you got answers to prayers and felt the spirit. What were your favorite talks?

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  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog post! I'm never sure if I should respond there or go to everyone's blogs to respond. I love Apple stuff but I love Android too and Windows..I'm so-so about but was totally loving a lot of the electronics I saw there in the store.
    That is great about your conference wknd, I still need to blog about mine. Cool to see David was there hanging out too!


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