Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Noah Games

Noah is a sponge. He soaks up knowledge from every where around him. Sean and I are amazed everyday at the new things he shows us. He is such a polite child. He loves to say "Dank-you" aka thank you. He says it in a sing song voice too which makes it even cuter. He has learned to sit still and reverent during prayer. Being a toddler he doesn't always do it but its becoming more frequent. He holds his hands together and waits til the end and proudly says "amen". He also loves to say Jesus and point him out in pictures. He has been stringing his wide vocabulary into two to three word sentences. Like "more food please" "where's dad?" "That hurts"

Noah has learned a lot of his body parts. So far he can say and point out on himself and others : toes, knees, nose, mouth, eyes, head, butt or bum, belly button, arms, hand, fingers and ears. It's his favorite activity in the morning to point at mommy and daddy's face. He often calls toes "piggies". He loves playing this little piggy went to the market with daddy. So he began calling them piggies. He also will put his foot on mommies and says "piggies" then mommy puts her foot on his and he pulls his foot up and on top again proclaiming "piggies!"

He is doing pretty well with potty training. He likes to tell us during and after he goes. He sometimes lets us know before but it's a work in progress. He enjoys sitting on the potty.

Lotion is a very important thing in his life as well. Haha. He loves asking for lotion and requesting where it should go. Belly knees or arms. He runs it in and promptly asks for more.

He isn't a fan of eating lately. It's a chore to get him to eat most days. But he is usually always happy to eat Cheerios and Fruit Loops. Also Gold Fish.

He is still our little music man. He connects with music. He has been singing along with songs recently. His favorite is a song by B.O.B called magic. He repeats magic over and over in tone with the song. Also he will song along with most songs. He picks one or two words he likes in the song and the repeats it. He still dances enthusiastically to any rhythm he hears. The dishwasher, music, drums. Anything.

He is more and more interested in babies. He points them out and touches their faces. He points at my belly and says baby Bekah or sister. It's pretty adorable.

He loves peak a boo. He hides and yells boo!!

Basically Noah is just a sweetheart kind loving child and we are blessed everyday having him in our lives. We love him.

Sean's Mom taught me how to cut Noah's hair. She did it this time but now I know how to do it for next time he needs a hair cut. This boy's hair grows like crazy fast! He is such a cutie either way though. She was a genius and had some great tricks to keeping him entertained enough to finish the cut. She put him in the sink and ran water for him to play with, made sure he had a sippy cup to drink and play with. Told him to look in the mirror at himself, and let him play with the hair that was cut off. He did such a good job staying mostly still. I just love him. And mama Howell for helping me learn a new mama skill

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