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For those of you just joining us....

In 2009 when I was living in Gilbert, Sean was my roommates’ home teacher. Both of my roommates, Jessica and Megan, were recently engaged and I was single and was a little bitter that both my younger friends were engaged at the same time and leaving me. One Sunday morning I walked in the living room to find them and the home teachers sitting talking. Sean looked up at me as he was talking to my roommates and he asked them how their wedding plans were going. I tartly responded with, “I’m not getting married but thanks for bringing it up," and I walked into Megan’s room to borrow some shoes. I turned around to see Sean on his knee with a ring he picked up from the coffee table and said “will you marry me?” I laughed and said yes and put the ring on. I wore the ring all day at church and told people I was going to marry Sean Howell. From then on we called each other fiancĂ© all the time, of course jokingly. We both dated different people but still saw each other at activities and had the same circle of friends.  
About a year after the fake proposal I had broken up with yet another boy and saw Sean at munch and mingle after church. O.k. my turn to write a little bit. This is Sean. At the munch and mingle we ended up standing in the same group and Deana started talking about her favorite church movie Saturdays Warrior. I said that I had seen the movie a long time ago and thought that it was pretty good movie. Deana suggested that we should get together that night and watch it. I told her that I would call her later that evening if I had time, and maybe we could watch it. I went to my mom’s house that afternoon and ended up staying there pretty late and so I never called her back that night. Two weeks later I saw her at church again. This time she suggested that we go to a fireside at the church building that night. I agreed and we met that evening at my apartment to go. Deana ended up locking her keys in her car, so after the fireside we went to her house to get the spare key. We had a good time talking while we drove. When we got back to the apartment we played uno with my roommates and watched a movie. Deana and I started flirting with each other that night. The next day I asked her on our first date. We started seeing each other every evening after that.
A year later we had been dating for about 2 months and Sean proposed.
So here is the proposal story!
Thursday June 18th Sean and I went to get cheese burgers and walked around the temple and watched the Easter pageant practice. Romantic, we know. As we walked back to the car Sean talked about how great things will be when we are married and we talked about all the cheesy cute things adorable couples such as ourselves talk about. I already knew he was going to propose (we had been talking about it for a while now) but I had no idea when he was going to do it. I also knew that he had picked a ring out but that it was being made, and just earlier that day he had “accidentally” revealed that he wouldn’t be getting the ring till next week. We had plans to have a movie night with some friends at his apartment (A.K.A The Man Cave). We got in his truck and headed toward the man cave. He had got me talking and I was into my story so I didn’t even notice we had passed his apartment (it’s on Country Club/Baseline) and we were coming up to McQueen and Warner. I was confused and asked where we were going in which he responded that he just wanted to see if he remembered where something was. I was content with that answer and kept talking. Haha.

He then pulled into my old apartment that I lived in last year with Jessica and Megan. I asked again why we were here and he said he just wanted to see if he remembers where it was. I thought maybe he was thinking we could live in these apartments when we got married. I was still under the impression that he didn’t have the ring so that didn’t even cross my mind that he could be proposing there, or that night for the matter. Also I had been told by my dad that Sean still hadn't talked to him so even more reason it couldn't be happening yet. (I later found out he had talked to my dad weeks ago.) So we parked and got out. I then was on memory lane. I talked about where I used to park and all sorts of useless information. We walked to the outside of my old apartment and he hugged me. We talked about how he helped me and my roommates when we moved and how funny it was when he proposed to me that one time last year, and now we really are getting married someday if he ever gets the ring and proposes for ‘realsies’ this time. He then says, “Yeah I just wanted to see if I remember which one is yours. It might come in handy someday.” Then I just felt like he ruined a cute idea. He said “Oh I’m so unromantic, I guess I shouldn’t have told you that.” And I replied, “Yeah now anytime you take me here I’m going to know you are going to propose! That would have been cute though.” He said, “Yeah it would be so cool to propose at the same place I did before but have it be real this time.” I was a little let down thinking that he ruined the surprise and he can’t do it there now because I would totally know. He was joking with me and said, “Well I could just take you here a couple times and not do it. Then when I really want to, I could do it. I could drive by here with you sometime and not even stop by, and you’ll think it’s going to happen but it won’t. Then another time we’ll come here and sit and talk about how I love you and then we’ll just leave.” This whole time we were hugging and being all cute but I was just thinking, 'Kay not funny, I just want you to propose for real, but alas he doesn’t have the ring." :( Then he says, “Then sometime I’ll take you here and actually get down on a knee - (At this point he does get down on a knee, but I totally thought he was just joking because I remembered that he didn’t have the ring and he had to be just messing with me.) “ - and then I can pull out a box and ask you to marry me?" At that point he had already had the box out and open. He had grabbed out the box before he got down while he was hugging me. Smooth I know! He’s so darn sweet!! And of course I was shocked at first and looked at the ring and him and then I proceeded to jump up and down and say “yes of course yes!”  I stuck out my hand for him and he put on the ring and we hugged and kissed and it was perfect. He proposed at the same place twice. Once for fakes and jokes and another for realsies.
We were married in the LDS Mesa Temple on July 13th 2010.

 We went to californa on our honeymoon.This is us driving there. It was a fun road trip. We sang song to each other most of the way.  
 This is the sign as we entered into the resort we stayed at. It was the Desert Palms Marriot. Pretty Snazy place.


While there we pretty much hung out in the hotel room most of the time but we had some outings like the San Diego Temple, Six Flags, the movies and dinner.

Sean on his first roller coaster! He was a little hesitant to go at first but then he was fine the rest of the time at the park. It was a blast and as you can see here he loved it!

Our pretty wedding rings :)

Since the wedding we have been just figuring out this whole marriage thing, haha.   We think we are doing pretty awesome.
So that’s the beginning of the Sean and Deana story and we are pretty much up to date for this blog! :D

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