Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Six Flags/Birthday Bash Extravaganza!!

We decided a couple months ago that we were going to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain to celebrate my(Deana) birthday and also as a last big trip for awhile if things go as planned and we get pregnant this month. We needed to invite at least 15 people so that we could get this kickin deal of only $23 a ticket so naturally we invited everyone we love but sadly some of them couldn't come. Still, the group ended up being pretty big. We had 19 people. I was worried at first that with that many people we wouldn't stick together as a group but boy was I wrong! With two exceptions the group went on almost all the rides together and we wandered around the park as a massive group. I loved it! So this is how it all played out.

Friday- I had to work because two other people already requested that day off so we had planned on leaving right after I get off work. I get off at 3:30, we ended up leaving at 5:30pm. haha Shows how well planning goes with my friends. We met at my parents house so we could of course car pool and most importantly say a prayer for a safe trip.
This is my Mama, Baby Cortney and Justin saying goodbye to us all

This is a picture of the group that drove up together and stayed in the hotel room,
the others met up with us Saturday morning.

Then after a quick trip to the nearest Quick Trip (haha I made a funny) we were off! The drive wasn't bad and surprisingly didn't seem too long.  We got into California at about 11:30pm California time. The hotel was pretty dinky but sufficient considering how cheap it was. In the endeavor to save as much money as possible, we decided to all sleep in the same 2 bed hotel room and just split the cost. It was so fun sneaking all 14 of us in there.

The girls slept on the beds and the boys found floor space and slept there.
  In the hotel was Sean, Me, Andrea, Brittney, Brittany, Fran, Kirby, Heather, Alex, Chance, David, Lance, Melissa and Ben. Then Brianna and Jordon were in the hotel room next door to us. Jessica, Kenny and Amy stayed in a more fancy hotel and met us at the park. It was a pretty well orchestrated plan. Sean and I checked in at the front while everyone in the three cars hung out in the parking lot. After checking in we were found out that they only allow one car to be parked in the hotel parking lot. That just made our plan more difficult. We had to have everyone sneak into the hotel room with their stuff and then the drivers of the two cars went and parked them in a near by neighborhood. Then Sean went and picked up the drivers. We all claimed our sleeping spots and went to sleep.... well some of us went to sleep. There was a couple of people that snored which made it impossible to sleep!! Sean slept but I however did not. It was a horrid night for rest. I was on the bed for awhile but then I ended up on the floor with Sean then we both ended up on the bed by morning.

Saturday equals awesomeness! We awoke at 8am and began getting ready for the day. We had breakfast at the McDonald's across the street then we were off to the amusement park. The whole day was a blast!! I can't even remember the order of things but we went on all the best rides. I do remember the Tatsu was the first and my favorite.Sean was so funny. He gave commentary on all the rides. As we went on a drop he would say "oh my! we are going down, we might die, what are we going to do, look there is a loop!, We just went through a loop, I feel like I'm flying! I'm superman!" haha it cracked me up. Another ride that was my favorite was the bungee swing. The only ones in the group that went on it was Brianna and her husband, Jordon and Me. They harnessed us together and pulled us up really high (I can't remember how high but it was insane, probably 150-200 feet) and then Brianna pulled a cord and we DROPPED!!!! Then it swung for a while back and forth til we slowed down and we grabbed on a loop on a pole to stop ourselves. It was an amazing thrill and yet very frightening! I would have done it twice but it was an extra $15 to ride. Most of got capes too, which made us feel super.

The park closed at 7pm. We left and went to dinner at Denny's. It was SO nice to have good food after such a long day. Right as we finished dinner my amazing friends surprised me with a birthday cake and sang me the birthday song. It was a wonderful ending to the day.

The ride home however was miserable. We were all exhausted and just plain did not want to make the 6 hour drive home. I couldn't even sleep a little on the way home because I was too nervous for the drivers. I stayed awake and kept texting and calling the other cars to make sure they were doing good and were alert. Sean slept for the first two hours of the drive home and Amy drove then they switched. The other two cars had one driver the whole way home, hence my nervousness for them. Good thing our Heavenly Father takes care of us and we made it home safely. We have to do that again sometime but make it a two full day or three day trip so we don't feel so exhausted afterwards. I have to say that this was the best birthday bash I have ever had and it wasn't even on my birthday! 

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  1. Sweet blog post and pix! What a fun way to celebrate your birthday. I havent been to Six Flags in a super long time..over 10 yrs maybe. Im not a huge fan of coasters , esp the upside down ones, but the other ones are ok. Super fun trip!


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