Thursday, November 18, 2010

Prince Theodore

So long ago (more like 6 months ago) when Sean and I were first engaged, he was taking me to work one day in my car and something horrible happened! He crashed it because he was looking into my eyes talking to me because he thinks I'm pretty. It wasn't a bad accident for the people involved, no one was hurt. It acutally ended up being a blessing in a really good disguise, due to the fact we no longer had a car payment during the time we were engaged and planning a wedding. But soon after the wedding I started getting annoyed of sharing one vehicle. Our schedules don't leave much room for carpooling. Sean has to be to work at 7am and I have to be to work at 7:30am but then after work Sean has to go straight to school at 3:30pm and I dont get off work til then. So needless to say it just doesn't work out very well. I have very awesome friends who have graciously given me rides to and from work. We have been trying to buy a new car but had hit some difficulties. FINALLY after all the wait and planning and worrying we bought one today!!!! We are so very happy. Its a 2007 Ford Taurus. It drives very smoothly and most importantly has lots of room for babies. I named him Prince Theodore. It was fun buying it. The consultant we had was so nice and fun. He said as we were leaving that "its so refreshing to see married people so happy together" I love it when people say that about us. It makes me feel like we are doing good. I love marriage.


  1. so fun to get a new car! I got one in April & love it. You name your cars too huh..I refuse! Tim Benetiz made me name my Toyota so I did. But so far my Mazda is without a name :) phew

  2. haha yeah I think its fun to name it. Its our baby.

  3. Hooray for a new car! :) Haha, Tim made me name my car too. My brothers argued that that was against the rules since my car wasn't 'new' anymore


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