Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Surprises and stuff

So I seem to have this problem when it comes to surprising Deana, she is completely unsurprisable. I often put her on the same pedestal as Sherlock Holmes in her ability to find out what is going on and where. She hears everything and always knows what is going on. Ironically she loves to be surprised and often asks me why it is that I never surprise her. I decided that for her birthday (Nov. 22) that I would finally devise a plan that not even she could see coming. She asked me last week if we were doing anything for her birthday; my opportunity was here. I told her that I hadn't planned anything. She was obviously saddened by this and begged me to at least take her to dinner. I told her that dinner would be alright, all the time making bigger plans in my heart. Upon reviewing our finances however, we decided that we should probably just stay home and have a quiet night together. :) Brilliant. I immediatley set about texting people and inviting them to one of Deana's favorite restaurants, Buffalo Wild Wings. On the big day Deana had absolutely no clue! Things were coming together quite nicely. I even stopped by the apartment at one point and found her in her pajamas and completely ready to stay home all evening. Just as I was finishing my last class for the day, Deana texted me and said that she missed me. I quickly told her to get dressed because I was on my way to take her out to eat. She was quite happy but only marginally surprised. As I was picking her up many friends and family were gathering at Buffalo Wild Wings for the big surprise. When Deana and I arrived she was surprised to see some of her family members there and a little annoyed that they hadn't invited her to come with them seeing as it was her birthday. She was caught completely off guard! She quickly realized what was going on and was thrilled. The night was amazing. We had a great time with everybody. There were good times all around and I finally surprised Deana. Thank you everybody that helped me with the surprise, and thank you Deana for being born. You are the most amazing wife in the world and I love you so very much.

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