Friday, November 5, 2010

Frisbee of the Ultimate Variety, Non-movie Movie night, Fun Filled Friday

We played ultimate frisbee. We have only been three times but we think that we have found a new love. Neither one of us was very good the first time that we went, in fact we were quite terrible. Deana hardly touched the frisbee all night and every time I touched the frisbee disaster quickly followed. The second time was a little bit better for Deana. The frisbee got passed to her a few times and she was able to catch it and pass it pretty well. My performance on the other hand was perfectly consistent with my previous attempts, total disaster. This last week however presented a little bit more promise for both of us. While we had many bad moments, we also found ourselves having a good amount of success. Both Deana and I caught the frisbee multiple times and were also able to complete several passes. All in all it was a pretty good night for us both. We are hoping that next week we will be able to improve even more.

Deana showed a willingness to sacrifice her body for the good of the team by making a diving catch, she even has the bruise to prove it.
We had a movie night but not one movie was watched. We ended up just all hanging out and talking and laughing like crazy. It was a blast. Our friends rock.

Today was a fine and spectacular day. After I picked up Deana from work we went to the Temple. It was an awesome experience as always. Afterwards we picked up Andrea (deana's sister) and went to costco to get her a verizon phone. She originally had cricket and then came to the realization that verizon is superior and far more desirable. The sales man was a very amusing man named Tyler. He flirted with Drea he whole time. We saw sparks fly as they fell in love. Ok not really but it was still a fun time. Turns out if you buy a phone from costco you get it much cheaper and they pay for the activation fee and give you a case and car charger for free. We wish now that we had bought our phones from costco. Andrea got a DROID! We are mucho jealous-o. I know we should not covet but it is a droid after all. I've decided we are heading the way of the terminators. Someday we will make cell phones so intelligent they will take over the world and drive man near to extinction. (speaking of taking over the world, this is Deana right now in these parentheses ,by the way, so if you type "is google taking over the world" in google and click "I'm feeling lucky" it says:

Google World Domination

Coming soon to a world near you.

Will be taken over within:

4 years 43 days 2 hours 32 minutes and 57 seconds
But its on a count down so its getting closer and closer every second!! I'm excited because I'm pretty sure that when google takes over then everyone will get a droid. Yes it will more than likely take over our mind but still everyone will have a droid so I think its a fair trade. Any way I'll let Sean have the computer back and he can continue to tell the tale of our day)
SO, after Drea got her brand new droid we dropped her off and she gave us $25 to go get dinner with. I forgot to say earlier that she is now on our family plan and it lowered her monthly bill by $10 and she was able to get the phone cheaper as well. We decided to go to Applebee's and have ourselves a fine date. On the way there we realized we hadn't been on a date just the two of us for about a month now. We have had a plethora of nights at home alone but none out lately. It was a nice treat. As we walked in the lady seating us said "you two look really nice all dressed up" haha It made us smile. We were still in the clothes we wore to the Temple. 
We had a good meal and entertained ourselves by eavesdropping on other peoples conversations and then discussing their discussions. It was quite enjoyable. Now we are blogging together and going to finish the night with a movie. Til next time, we are signing off.

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