Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes.....A BABY!!!!!

So there was a part of the Thanksgiving day that we left out in the last post. This was because we wanted to wait until after the first doctors appointment to tell most people. But we found out they dont see you until after you are in the 8 to 12th week. So we pretty much just cant wait to tell so here it goes..... We are having a baby!!!

Words can't describe how happy we are!!!!!!!!!!!
All of our family and our really close friends however were informed that night. Here is how we found out:
We found out that night that a couple of people that we know are pregnant, and it got us to thinking that we ought to be pregnant by as well. We went home after the festivities and tried out one of our pregnancy tests. Deana was really sad and nervous at first but we moved forward anyways. I told Deana that we would never know unless we tried. I looked at the test first because Deana was afraid. It was positive! At first I wasn't sure because the 2nd line on the test was very faded and I didn't notice it at first. Deana finally worked up her courage and looked over my shoulder, she noticed the second line immediately. We thought that we were pregnant but because of the faintness of the line we weren't sure. We called Deana's sister Amanda right away and asked her what she thought. Deana called Amanda's phone but Andrea (her other sister) answered it. Not knowing it wasn't Amanda She said "I took a pregnancy test and there is two lines but one is really faint so we aren't sure if that means we are pregnant or not but we think we are!" Then Andrea asked "ok who do you want to talk to Amanda or Mom?" Confused Deana said oh who is this? After getting Amanda on the phone, Amanda said (with urgency in her voice), to come over to her place because she had a digital pregnancy test that would say either pregnant or not pregnant. We rushed to her house as fast as we could, drinking sobe all the way there so that she could pee again. Once there the wait was on. It only took about 20min for Deana to need to pee again but it felt like eternity. We sat on Amanda's bed and talked about how great it would be if she really is pregnant and telling Cortney she is going to have a cousin. When she used the new test everybody was gathered just outside the room, including most of Deana's family, and some friends, (all still there from Thanksgiving dinner). There is about a 3min wait from the start of the test till it gives you an answer. The 3mins passed incredibly slow for everybody. Amanda kept looking at the test and asking why it hadn't decided yet. Finally the verdict was in; pregnant!

The top one is the test I took at Amanda's house with everyone there
The bottom one is the first test I took. As you can see the second line was very faint.

We were all so excited! ( This is Deana, It means so much to me that my family was there with me to find out. It was nice to have the first test at home just with my husband and then to go and have most of my favorite people there.)  Now we just have to wait for the baby to get here.

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