Friday, March 11, 2011

Eventful week

This has been a very eventful week! My goodness. On Thursday I went to a friends house to help her clean and get ready for her new baby. Jessica came and helped out too. She actually did a lot of the work. It was pretty fun. Then afterward Melissa and I went to DI and bought some stuff for her baby and I got Noah a globe. Its pretty cool. He is going to be a smart little boy.

 The best part of the night was when Melissa (the friend who's house we were cleaning) told me I could have her old crib for free because someone else gave her a new crib :) I love free stuff. Especially because cribs can be so expensive! Its super cute too. I love how simple it is. I'll post a picture when we have it put together. Also another cool thing that night was I learned how to make my pre-pregnancy pants fit without using a belly band. Its a much cheaper solution to the button being too tight. Simply take a hair tie and put one end around the button, slip it through the button hole then loop it back around the button.Pretty awesome right? yeah it is.

Today was not such a good day for either of us. Sean and I were both just not in the greatest of moods. I think we need more sleep. But we did have a good time at Myrna's wedding rehearsal dinner tonight. We were supposed to get a stroller but we had a hard time locating the Baby's R Us. Turns out we were looking on the wrong street.

Good notes though : I felt Noah move this week :) It is an amazing feeling I can't really explain. Its like a small flutter in my belly. Almost like gas but not as far in my stomach or smelly, haha.Sean is still doing well in both of his classes and enjoying school. We are excited for him to go to full time next semester. I'm getting bigger but everyone keeps saying I don't look as far along as I am. I however feel like I'm huge. Yes I know its a part of being pregnant and I should just be ok with it, but the fact is that its hard for a girl to see her self getting bigger and be ok with it. I'm incredibly happy to be pregnant its just an adjustment for me to grow. Sean just laughs and says "youre pregnant youre supposed to be big" It makes me laugh.

19 weeks

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