Friday, March 18, 2011

Half Way Done!!!

This whole week was a blast! First of all this week just seemed to fly by. I think it has to do with the fact that Sean was on spring break so we got to spend more time together and I got off of work early everyday this week. The best part is, when I leave early due to getting my work done early I still get paid full day. So I got paid to spend time with Sean. I just have to say I LOVE MY JOB!! They treat me so well. I also found out this week that I get a bonus for doing a good job last year. My boss said he isn't sure yet how much it will be but when he is told he will let me know. I get it next month sometime.

Yesterday I got a hair cut! Yes another one. Haha I just love the change. My boss walked by me today and said "did you do your hair again? You change your hair more often than anyone I know" I love hair change time because that means I get to go see Andraya. She is one of my favorite people. We have this awesome deal set up that we just trade our skills. She gets massages whenever she wants and I get my hair done whenever I want. So I end up getting it done once every 2 or 3 months. I got it realllly short this time! Like really short!! I love it though. I am happy to admit it is such a mom cut. Its so easy to style (meaning I wake up and brush it then I'm done lol) 

The back is my favorite

Sean is just so darn handsome!
Today marks the half way point in my pregnancy. I am 20 weeks today. Noah shall be making his grand entrance into this world in t-minus 20 weeks give or take a couple weeks. Sean and I can't wait to meet our little guy.
20 Weeks!!!!
 After getting off at 1:30pm on today I met a friend to pick up some more clothing for Noah. She had gotten it from some other people when she found out she was expecting but she is having a girl so she gave me some of the boy stuff. They are way cute too! Then I came home to a very clean house. Andrea and Sean cleaned up the living room and kitchen. Those two rooms seem to just get messy everyday! Its insane. But I'm so grateful for them pitching in and helping keep the house pretty. We are having some friends over for a potluck and games. I'm so excited!! They should all be here soon so I guess I should stop blogging and get back to real life so I have something to blog about later.

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