Monday, March 21, 2011

The Timeline Of Our Love

So Sean and I just realized today that it was a year ago last Friday that he proposed to me the 3rd time and that was the one that actually resulted in a wedding. Here is the official timeline of how it all happened.

Sunday January 17, 2010 - We went to a fireside together and afterward I "accidentally" locked my keys in my car. Sean took me to my house to get my spare key and on the way to his apartment we decided on hanging out and playing mini Uno. I met his sister Onda and a couple of his friends that night. The next day Sean asked me on a date :)

Friday January 22, 2010- After texting and hanging out with each other and other friends every night that week we went on our first date. Activity: Dinner at Chile's and then back to his apartment to watch Saturdays Warrior. He also kissed me that night at the door.... Well I kissed him but there was definitely no resistance on his part.

Wednesday January 27, 2010- Sean asked me out... Over text, haha sounds lame but it was the furthest thing from it. The night before we had gone to a friends party and Stacie Skinner saw us there together. She then posted on my facebook page asking if I needed to change my fb status. Sean texted me on Wednesday. Here is the conversation:

Sean- Speaking of my facebook page, there was something else posted on there that i wanted to talk with you about...
Deana- .... And that would be?
Sean- Text may not be the preferred way to ask this but why not.
So would you say that we are like boyfriend and girlfirend or where exactly would you say that we are?
Deana- Well that depends on if you want to be bf/gf or not.
Sean-I want to be. I like you a lot and i could see this going somewhere so would you like to be my girlfriend?
Deana-Yes i would :) i figured thats what you were hinging at but i wanted you to ask me. haha And i like you a lot too
Sean- :) I was hoping you would say that! I am a happy man right now

This was taken at Hilary's Bday party the night before Sean asked me out.

February 6, 2010- I LOVE YOU. Again another texting story. Sean worked a lot so many of our conversations in the beginning were over text.We had just been together the night before after he got off work. He then texted me that night and I saw it later that next morning. Here is that conversation:

2/5/2010 2:00am Sean - I love you. I couldnt wait to tell you. I had to get it out.
2/6/2010 9:57am Deana- I just woke up and saw your text. Best thing ever to wake up to. I love you too. Now come over so I can say it out loud in person <3
Sean- :)!! I'm so happy. I was afraid that you were going to say thank you instead of i love you.

Saturday February 20, 2010- 2nd Proposal (for those of you who dont know or dont remember Sean fake proposed to me the first time 2 years before we started dating, its a good story I posted about it) After a get together at the Mancave (seans apartment) We were alone in the living room and talking about how much we cared for each other and we just came to the conclusion that we were going to get married. It took 2 hours to say good bye that night because we were talking about plans and getting married and how happy we were to have found each other.

Thursday March 18, 2010- We had kept it a secret from most people except close friends and family that we were already engaged. We wanted to wait until after Sean had gotten a ring and we had a real proposal story to tell people. Long story short (for the long story look at past post about it) Sean took me back to the apartment where he proposed the 1st time 2 years previous and popped the question.

Tuesday July 13, 2010- We were sealed for all time and eternity in the Mesa Arizona Temple.

Looking back at it now we both have the thought "oh my goodness we were fast!" haha Sean says its crazy how fast things happened with us. But we both are so happy with the way things played out. And the entire time we both felt compelled and guided by the spirit and we just knew it was right. We look forward to all the new adventures coming in our blissful life together and are so happy to spend forever with each other. In a few months we will celebrate our 1 year anniversary and then we will  welcome the birth of our first child one month later. I don't think there could be a better way to celebrate a marriage than to add a child to our new eternal family.


  1. You guys did move fast lol. But you're both still so happy and good together! Gotta move fast to get all those 20 kids in right ;) Just teasing, we love you guys!


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