Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good Times & a Great Crowd

Last night was super fun! We had almost all of our favorite people there. Here is a list of the awesome atendees: Jessica, Tim & Adriana, Mark & Tiffany, Ben & Melissa, Blake, Kirby, Amy, Ben & Hilary. There was also a brief appearance of Andrea and Britt L. We pretty much just ate a lot of food and played pac man and other old arcade games on this cool little device that plugs into the tv. It was so nice to have everyone together hanging out. I know we all see each other a lot indiviually but not many times do we get all of us together. We are definately going to make it a regular thing. After hanging around our house for a couple hours Mark and Tiffany wanted to show us their new house, which quite conviently is only a block from our house. So all of us took a stroll down to their lovely home. Tiffany then suggested the wonderful idea of going for a walk down main street. The main goal of it was to induce Hilary, sadly this was to no avail, but we still had a blast! It was like a parade with three floats (Hilary, Melissa and I are all prego with big ole' bellies) I can't even begin to write all the funny, random, awesome things that happened on our trip so I'll just post pictures.

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  1. That night was SOOO much fun !! to walk down main street with all of us !! We should do it again :) Good to get everyone together !! WAY cute blog !!


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