Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I love a clean house!

So I've always been a clean person and I kind of get anxiety when things are messy but it has gone to a new level now. I think the nesting has officially begun. I was napping with Sean on the couch today when I just randomly woke up looked around the room and just had to clean. The living room wasn't horrible but there was just things placed about the whole room not where they belonged. Pillows on the floor, plates from last night on the ensign table (aka- coffee table, but my dad called it ensign table the other day and I liked it) and shoes. This was just not ok. So I got everything picked up and put away then set on to clean the kitchen. I felt much better once they were both clean and orderly.

We had a prenatal appointment today after work and it was great! Dr. Hazelrigg measured my belly and uterus and said "you have a perfect uterus" Haha I didn't know there was a perfect one but apparently I have it. He said that I am growing just fine and that Noah is healthy and looks great. This made Sean and I very happy to hear. Not being able to see Noah everyday and check up on his progress is kind of unnerving. We have been reading this book called What the scriptures teach us about raising a child by Micheal Wilcox. I just love it! We are only in the beginning but I have already had so much insight and feel better prepared. He talks about how being a parent is like an apprenticeship to godhood.  I love that concept. I totally agree. A quote from the book "Godhood is parenthood of a grand magnitude, but before we can progress to that degree of glory, we are given the opportunity to learn here on earth the essential principles of parenthood, We can refine within the sacred boundaries of the family in a tiny dimension what God does, and what we are destined to do, on a galactic, cosmic level." That just blew my mind. I know we are to become like God and that is why we are sent here and I know the great importance of parenthood I just hadn't before put the two together. This makes being a good and loving parent even more essential to me than it previously was. I can't wait for Noah to be here with us. I was telling Sean the other day how I just wanted the nursery done already and he said "yeah well I just want Noah here already." It was so sweet. 

Speaking of the nursery: Its coming together nicely. We are having so much fun picking things out and planning. Sean put the crib together with Andrea on Tuesday while I was at work. Then we went and picked up a dresser we found on craigslist. We have also picked out a border and wall decals and the bookshelf we want all from 

Planning for a baby is a blast! I'm so grateful to all the people that have been helping out and giving us hand me downs as well. It makes it easier to plan and buy other things when I don't have to budget for those things anymore. Now the only big items we need to get are: food processor (making our own baby food), cloth diapers, bookshelf, crib bedding set and a chair. Then the rest is the small purchases like: hangers, more clothing, bottles, bibs, blankets, more books. toys, nursing pillow, changing mat, etc. I have a whole list but I won't bore you by posting it all. I am such a list maker. I make at least 3 lists a day. To do lists, To buy lists, To save for lists, pretty much I makes lists for everything. Sometimes I even make lists of lists I need to make. haha I know I'm crazy but Sean still loves me. He think my silly quirks are adorable. I think he is crazy for not thinking I'm crazy. I guess it works. So one other bit of news then I'm done for today's post. Sean has a new addiction. First it was that game angry birds on the itouch, then it was line up and now its flood it. Pretty much he is addicted to puzzle type, strategy games. He is cute and smart. The end. Love you all.

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