Thursday, March 3, 2011

Noah Scott Howell

The day finally came!! We both woke up and went to work and it surprisingly went by really fast. We were both so happy for that. I had to drink 20 ounces of water an hour before the appointment and not pee so I would have a full bladder. Let me tell you, NOT a pleasant experience. I already have a small bladder and I love to drink water so I always have to pee. I got off work early at 3pm and went to my mama's house to pick her up to go with us to the appointment. Ondalynn (Sean's Sister) met him at the house and they drove together to the doctors after he got off work. We waited in the lobby for a half hour and I used my time well by playing with my mini bop-it game. I was trying to distract myself from the stomach pains of holding my pee.  That is how I was feeling. 
Sean and Ondalynn hadn't come yet when we were called back. I was walking to the room when the tech noticed how uncomfortable I was and said that if it was bothering me that much that I could go pee a little but to hold most of it. Let me tell you that is a difficult task! But I did what she said and layed down on the table. She asked when Sean would be here and I said he was close. She started the ultra sound but said that my bladder was too full and that she could tell I am already a really hydrated person and to go empty my bladder. I did so very happily!! Sean and Onda got there and she started the ultra sound again. It was so wonderful to see our baby. I cried when I heard the heartbeat. So turns out our child is really stubborn. He was on his stomach for almost the entire ultra sound. The tech was trying to get a profile first but he had his head tucked down and his hand on his check. Then she was trying to see the gender but he had his legs tucked up under him. Its cute because both Sean and I like to lay on our stomachs so he was emulating his mama and daddy. Not such a cute thing when we are trying to find out the gender though. The tech was poking at my belly trying to jolt him awake and make him roll over to face us but he refused. I was getting really nervous that we weren't going to find out today. He would occasionally trick the tech by moving for a split second but then rolling over on his stomach again before she could see.

She skipped looking for the gender and the profile and did the other measurements she needed and then finally he moved just enough that she could angle the picture and get a peek between his still tucked and crossed legs and saw that he is a BOY!
 My mom was super excited!! She yelled "I told you so!" haha She has been calling the baby Noah since we told her the names we picked for a boy and a girl. She said "nope you are having a boy so that will be his name." She was in fact correct the whole time. Then the tech was able to get a profile shot as well, then Noah promptly went back to his original position with his back facing us and on his belly.

He even gave us the thumbs up sign :)

So after all the wait and suspense we now know we are having a baby boy. His name is Noah Scott Howell. We both can't wait to meet our little man.

Sean was texting everyone that we are having a boy!


  1. Thanks Sean , for texting me!

  2. sorry wendy. he doesnt have your number. I was in charge of texting people he didnt have in his phone but I was too excited and forgot. love you lots tho!!


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