Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Friday Night Fun

Friday was a really good night for us. We started out by going to D.I. so that we could get a start on buying clothes for our baby one. We managed to find some really cute clothes for really really cheap, thusly making our trip an amazing success. We decided that we would have a date night, so we went out to dinner. Our initial desire was for Golden Coral but the line almost came out of the front door so we decided to go to Bill Johnson's Big Apple. The food was delicious. Afterwards, we decided to do our grocery shopping. We ususally keep very close track of how much money we are spending as we spend it, but we didn't want the stress on this particular night so we just bought the stuff that we needed. Surprisingly we stayed under our budget by about $80. We were quite pleased. Our final stop of the night was to Borders Bookstore so that we could get a book about Bradley Method. Sadly they did not have the book that we wanted, but they did have all of their other books on sale due to the store going bankrupt. We bought a ton of books for the baby as well as a couple for ourselves.


  1. I went to Borders yesterday and got 2 wedding magazines for 1/2 off. Pretty good deal I thought. Idk why I bought them, I find plenty of ideas online but figured it might be fun to look thru them. Sounds like a fun date night and you got a lot done!

  2. Yeah its nice to have an actually book in hand when planning and getting ideas every once in a while instead of staring at a computer screen. Thats a good deal. Sean and I love productive dates haha


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