Saturday, July 13, 2013

3 Year Anniversary

Today was our 3 year anniversary. Yes thats right 3! I can't believe we have been married for 3 years already. Lets say it one more time, 3! haha. Its gone by so fast. I guess all that baby makin' makes time fly. Plus we just have a good time together and enjoy being with each other so it went fast. I just love him and am grateful for everything that he has brought to my life. He made me a mother, and continues to make me a better women by being with him. He is such a great loving husband and father. We both try our hardest at everything we do because we want to create a good life for each other and our family. I am so blessed to be his. I love him more every day.

These last 3 years have been filled with babies, love, kiss, getting to know each other more, adventures, fights, make ups, tears, laughs, hugs, more love, silliness, and fun. I wouldn't change a thing about it! I just love my growing little family.

We wanted to go to the temple today to do sealings but that didn't end up happening sadly. What better way to celebrate our eternal marriage than to help others have theirs too? I'm bummed we didn't get to go on the day of our anniversary but we will go later for sure. Sean was up late with Bekers and therefore was super tired this morning. I got Rebekah dressed and took her with me to a clothing exchange at a friends stake center. Adriana had invited me earlier this week and I'm so glad I went. It was pretty fun and I found a couple cute things for the kids and a skirt and dress for me. I got home a little before 9am and Noah had just woken up a half hour ago. It was nice that Sean got to sleep for a little but he was still exhausted so I played with Noah and Bekah while he slept. Andrea got to our place at 9:30am to baby sit so we could go to the temple but Sean was still sleeping. He ended up sleep until 11:30am. Andrea had stayed and helped me entertain Noah while I took a shower and did some chores. She is a superb sister and Auntie. I just love her. Thats why we are best friends. Any who. By the time Sean was up it was going to be too late to be able to get dressed and to the temple and be able to do sealings with out having to rush in order for Sean to be home in time. He had to leave for work at 1:30pm. When I go to the temple I want to have plenty of time to just enjoy the experience and then sit and reflect on things and pray before having to leave, so we decided we would just go on Tuesday. Instead we went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch. Its one of Sean's favorites because he loves steak and mash potatoes. It was nice to get out and have a good meal and conversation. I love my honey. Afterward we still had 20 min til he needed to be home so he suggested we go to Target for my anniversary present. I took me shopping for clothes! Best. Husband. Ever. Target has the cutest clothing and so affordable. I got a couple shirts and a dress. Sean is getting a couple things off itunes as his gift. He just loves him some fine music (as he says haha) 

Sean went off to work and I stayed home with Andrea and the kids. Andrea said she wanted to go swimming and invited Amanda and her two kids to go. It was a blast. We had the two toddlers and the two babies and took turns holding the babies. Noah and Cortney both have floaties so it made it easier. Noah is much more confident now in the water. He still gets a little scared if he is too far from me but he doesn't' feel the need to cling to anyone anymore which is nice. Him and Cortney had fun splashing each other and being thrown by Amanda. Rebekah enjoyed the water again as well. 

It was a nice day filled with people I love :) 

Oh also good news! Our  friends Ben and Melissa had her beautiful baby girl this morning! She was induced last night and had her early today. I'm so happy she is finally here. Our babies are exactly a month apart now. Gracelyn Emma. She was almost a week late! I'm sure Melissa is thrilled to not be pregnant anymore and finally have her baby in her arms. Sean and I are going to visit them tomorrow. Now Rebekah and Gracelyn can have play dates! 

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