Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Instagram blogging

Don't judge me but this is another Instagram picture blog post. Haha. I'm busy loving on my babies and taking care of my apartment and lovin on my honey husband. 

It's pretty great being home with my kids all day. Monday was my first day without Sean. He went back to work. It was so lovely having him home with us and having his help with the two kids. Yesterday was a hard first day. Rebekah didn't sleep the night before at all! She woke up at 1am and didn't go back to sleep til 6am. Conveniently the time Noah decided to wake up. I still managed to get all the laundry and dishes done that morning and play with Noah while she slept. Then about 11am we went to my parents house. Noah played with Cortney and Rebekah slept. I was so tired when Sean got off work I broke down crying. It was just a hard day with how tired I was and I felt like I should have accomplished more. Sean reassured me that I did great and that our babies were happy and well taken care of. The rest of the night we kept waking Rebekah up and made her play with us. It was a good thing because that night she slept perfectly! She only woke up to eat and get a diaper change then went right back to sleep. Today was a wonderful day. We woke up at 8am and Noah and I had  pb&j sandwiches for breakfast. Rebekah was awake and Noah "read" her and I a book. He even asked to hold her. He said "oh Bekah in lap". He didn't touch her but hovered his arms around her haha. It was adorable. He then kissed her feet. He loves her piggies. He is such a big helper. He cleans up his toys with me and brings me wipes to change Bekah. Oh last night he sang his first song! He sang "clean up clean up every every every where. Everyone" haha. It's supposed to be the primary song clean up every body everywhere. After Sean got off work today he came to my parents house and watched the four kids so my mom and I could go to Walmart for groceries. I love spending time with my mom. I think we will come see her and Amanda's two kiddos at least 2 days a week. It's good for Noah to see his awesome cousins. And Bekah too as she gets older and can interact with them. I wish they got to see their other cousins from Robyn and Carlos and Jason and Melissa. Thy are fun kids. 

Anywho. I forgot to say last week that we went to the movies with Amanda Andrea and Cortney. We watched "monsters university" Sean ended up taking Noah to Corey's house after 20min into the movie cuz Noah wanted to play. He was able to get a refund on his ticket though and when the kids napped later that day Sean and Corey went to see "world war z". Rebekah slept the whole movie in my sling except in the middle she woke up and ate. It was dark so I didn't even need to worry too much about covering up. Haha. I just threw a blanket over her head. 

Rebekah had a bath today and for the first time liked it! Well til I washed her hair. Noah isn't a fan of hair washing either. Silly kids. 

That's what's up with us Howells lately. Also I love my Sean. He is so sweet and helpful.


  1. Your doing great!!! I can't till Gracie gets here so all our babies can love on each other :]

  2. You're doing great :) I didn't even really do laundry by myself the first few weeks after Spencer. It'll get better but don't worry about it.


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