Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rebekah's Newborn/Family Photo Sesh

A week after Rebekah was born we went to the lovely Andraya's house for newborn/family pictures. She is amazing at photography and I always love the outcome. We just love her. Thanks Dray for sharing your awesome talent.

Noah was pretty good during the pictures but then towards the end he got a little annoyed with the pictures and needed some encouragement. Luckily Andraya had some gummy candies we used to keep him interested in looking at the camera. Sadly no amount of candy or other persuasion worked to make him interested in taking pictures with Rebekah alone. She was still so new he didn't seem to really know what to do with her haha. We did get one picture that looked pretty cute.

I'm not too happy that I look like I have a double chin in some of the pictures. I think my face was still swollen from the whole having a baby thing. Also I still have some baby fat that showed in the pictures. Guess I need to be less self conscience about it. Oh well.

So here are the photos. Hope you like them as much as I do. My kids are so cute and my hubby is uber cute too!



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  1. soo many awesome pictures! you guys are really photogenic. Your new lil girl is so so cute. Love Noah's shirt! Love the look of your hair!


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