Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th of July

It was a lovely day! We woke up about 8am and played with the kids. Rebekah is a morning baby. Then our friends Ben and Melissa and their adorable daughter Belle came over to go swimming. Sean stayed in the apartment with Bekah while we all went swimming. Noah had a floatie and was much more confident in the water. He stayed close but wasn't holding onto me the whole time. Melissa was hoping swimming might help out her in labor. Sadly it didn't. Her due date is 10 days after what mine was. Me having Bekah so early has definitely made her pregnancy seem much longer to both of us. Poor girl. I hope she has her Gracelyn soon!

Anywho, after swimming and donuts we all went to Amanda and Corey's house for food and fun. Andrea is visiting Robyn and Carlos in Wyoming this week. So it was mom,dad, grandma, uncle Neal, Justin, Amanda Corey Cortney, me and Sean and the kids and Ben and Melissa and belle. We ate way more food than anyone needs to eat haha. And then just hung out and watched the kids be silly. Ben and Melissa left after a couple hours to her parents house. Around 9pm we set off some fireworks. It was Noah's first time and he loved it. Last year he slept through them and the New Years ones. He had fun this time. He kept saying "fire" he and Cortney didn't like the loud ones though. Joshua loved the loud ones. He had such a happy surprised look the whole time haha. Rebekah stayed inside for the most part since I thought it would be too loud for her little baby ears. But she was awake for some of it. 

Overall it was a pretty chill holiday with just hanging out. I'm glad to have such a great family and friends to spend the day with. 

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  1. So much fun!! Glad we got to spend it together :)


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