Friday, July 26, 2013

Noah's 2 years old today!

Happy birthday to my sweet little Noah! He is such a blessing in our lives and we are so grateful to be his parents. He is such a sweet child. He loves to laugh and dance and make others smile. He has grown so much in his short 2 years. He is starting to sing songs to his Bekah. He loves giving her kisses. And he is really enjoying nursery now. We actually have to pull him away when it's time to leave. His vocabulary has expanded so much! Right now he is a little parrot and repeats everything around him. It's a fun stage. He says the funniest things. For his birthday we are doing a small family get together. Noah loves swimming so we are doing swimming and hot dogs!

We bought him a "guitar" (actually a ukelele). That was his favorite. He loves to watch and help daddy play his guitar so we decided to get him one of his own. The ki guitars were too big and too expensive so we went with a ukelele instead. He also got a truck that holds cars from his Grandpa Mitch and grandma Joan , a book and toddler Legos from Rachel and her kids (Scott's daughter). David and Andrea went shopping after the party to get him some awesome clothes. We will see what he got today probably. Amanda forgot her gift at home so we will see what that was as well. It was such a fun party and we are so grateful for lovely family and friends who love our Noah bug.

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