Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Dear Rebekah

I have been slaking and haven't written  you your love letter from mommy. I'm sorry sweetheart. But here it is now. You will learn that even if I don't do it right away I will always do what I say I will. I love you so much Rebekah! Your daddy and Noah just adore you as well. Daddy loves to make you dance to his music and singing songs to you. Also Noah loves watching you "dance" and dancing next to you. He is going to love being a big brother to you as you get older I can tell. He is always asking to kiss you and hug you. He may occasionally kick at you or grab your hand a little too tight but just know its out of excitement and there is no malice in it at all. I hope you two grow up to be very close and can talk to one another and help uplift each other. A friend is someone that helps bring you closer to Christ. It is my hope that you will be that friend to one another.

You are such a delicate little thing. Daddy and I love that about you. We have seen other baby girls and while all of them are beautiful and girly you are the most girly one I have ever seen.Your demeanor seems to be soft and quite. I love your little squeaks you make. Even your cry is so girly and calm. You have loving eyes. I can tell you have so much going on in your angelic baby mind. I can't wait to here all the things you want to say. This week you began to smile when daddy and I talk to you. You also have started to "talk". Its so sweet hearing your coos and ooo's. You make the most adorable "0" face with your mouth. It makes me smile. I know that you are going to do great things Miss Rebekah. I just want you to always remember that Daddy and I love you very much and will always be here for you. I hope you can see us as friends some day. I know that someday you will be a teenager and we might not always see eye to eye. That doesn't mean that I am going to try to be your "friend" and let you do what ever you want. But that does mean that everything I do is for your benefit. I remember days that I didn't think of my mom as a friend by any means. I as some girls do fought with my mom when I was younger. I do hope we can skip that haha. But just in case I can just remind myself that I did the same with my mom occasionally and now we are the closest of friends. You happen to have an amazing grandmother and I hope to be the mother to you that she is to me. You are just a darling girl. I have some hopes and dreams for you. I hope you are able to stay close to the Savior in all that you do. I hope that you will know of your self worth and not let the world put you down or make you feel inferior. You are a daughter of God and have potential to be a Queen. I hope you smile often and bring light into the sometimes dark world. You can use that light to make your path bright and find your way through anything. I hope that you have a passion for something. Anything. Chose something that you love and use it to make the yourself and others around you find joy. I hope you find a young man lucky enough to have your love and be married in the Temple. I know that if you do these things you will have true happiness and peace in this life. I love you so much baby girl. 

Later in life you might hear (probably from Aunt Amanda cuz she likes to mess with me haha) that I always said I wanted all boys for children. Well that is true. I did always say that. Growing up with sisters was hard sometimes with the silly girl fights and drama that sometime comes with having a house with the majority of girls. Also I taught it would be easier to not have to deal with bows, outfits, and fashion. All of that just seems so very silly to me now. Especially when I look back and think of how grateful I am to have my sisters and my brothers as well. I am so happy that I have my little boy and girl. I love putting little bows on your head, and dressing you in adorable outfits. Also I so look forward to helping you in young womens and talking to you about dating someday. There are so many things that only being a mother to a girl can offer. 

I love you so so much sweet one. Its been said and might be cliche but I am a sucker for such things, that "how can you split love between children? You don't you multiply it". That is so very true. I have so much love for both my lovely children and I know that I will for each one that The Lord blesses me with. Thank you for choosing to come to our family. I am grateful to be your mommy. I can't wait to teach you things and help you learn. 

Love you with all my heart and then some, 

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  1. So sweet Deana. Makes me want to write letters to my children. Also Bekah needs to know that you were a slacker on the bows in the hair to until Aunt Amanda put a fire under your butt. Love you so much my wonderfully awesome mother sister of mine.


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