Thursday, July 11, 2013

Whats Up

We were hoping Sean would get a raise big enough to make sure we could afford to have me stay home with the kids. Turns out his work wasn't in on our plan. Lame day. The raise they gave him wasn't enough and we are about $200 short of what we need to be making for me to stay home after my maternity leave is up. We are trying to figure out what we can do to off set that. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist. I can do massages to make the money we need but I need it to be a steady income. I thought of an awesome idea! I will do a discount for clients that are on a schedule. So if they get massaged every week it will be $25 for an hour massage, Bi weekly will be $30 and no schedule will be the usual price of $40. If they skip a massage in there schedule the next massage will be the regular price and then one after that will be there schedule price again. I told it to Sean and my family and they all think its a good idea. Now I just need to get at least 4 clients on a schedule to be making enough. Easier said than done but Prayers that it works out!

In other news Scott, Sean's moms boyfriend, went through the temple to receive his endowments. Sean was unable to go due to work but I was able to make it. Thanks to my parents for watching my babies :) It was a great night and I'm happy I was able to attend. I love going to the temple. Noah and Rebekah are getting cuter and cuter every day! Noah likes to check up on Bekah while she sleeps and he has asked to hold her a couple times now. Rebekah is such a sweet baby. She makes little girly grunts and smiles. She has been staying awake more during the day the last few days now. Its quite nice to be able to play with her more and see her beautiful eyes looking at us while we talk to her. Noah tells us she is cute and he loves her. He also has been telling other family members that he loves them. Its so sweet! Being a parent is the best!

This morning Sean had work off, he worked the evening shift, so we went swimming with the kids. It was such a fun morning. Noah has a floatie so he is much more confidant in the pool. He actually learned how to move his body and move in the pool. Its not quite swimming yet but he gets from one point to the other. Granted those points are pretty close together haha. Bekah even enjoyed being in the water too! She just laid in our arms and looked content. We were out for about an hour and of course as always I burned, Noah and Sean tanned and Bekah just stayed the same pretty brown/tan complexion she has. Lucky kids got there daddys side of the genes for skin. 

I've lost some more weight. I have 4 pounds to go! I get to start to work out now too. Its only been about 4 weeks since I had Bekah but I think if I start out slow I can be ok working out now. I just plan on doing the treadmill for now and waiting a couple more weeks to do any ab work outs. I just want my tummy toned and my arms. I know I'm just going to get pregnant again in a year but I want to be healthy so its worth it to get skinny again just for a year haha. 

Sean should find out soon if his work counts as experience in social work for his application for his Masters Program. We really hope it does! Then he would have 8 years to put on his application. That would be wonderful. Fingers crossed! He is doing pretty good. He is loving having a little girl and seeing how cute Noah is. We are such blessed parents. He hasn't been going to the gym much since Bekah was born though and he really misses it. He just started going again last night. I hope he keeps it up. He loves working out and he is happiest when he is. I think its a good release for him. Also it makes him feel good about him self and makes him more aware of what he is eating and drinking during the day. He forgets to eat and drink water when he isn't working out unless I remind him and I don't always remember to remind him. Silly guy. But I love him! 

Bekah was having issues with sleeping during the night. We know she is a newborn so she wont be sleeping through the night til she is 3 months old (knock on wood). Even then it will only be 6 hours. Right now she eats every 3 or 4 hours. She was doing good at sleeping at night and then she got confused. She was waking up at 1 or 3am and then not wanting to go back to sleep. She just wanted to play. We however dont want to play at that time. Last night my dad suggested we keep her warmer at night and that she would sleep more. He was right! I put the thermostat at 80 and she only woke up to eat and went right back to sleep. Me and the babies were so happy with it but Sean was dying of heat. I sleep with a sheet at 80 and a blanket at anything below. Sean however likes it at 74. I dont know why I didn't think to just put her in warmer clothes haha. Previously we had been putting her to bed in a onesie and a blanket but she would kick the blanket off. Tonight I have her in a sleeping dress with long sleeves and she seems to be quite comfortable and sleeping perfectly. I am hoping and praying she continues this all night. 

My sister Robyn got an app on her Kindle so now she can text me! She doesnt have a cell phone so I have missed talking with her since she moved forever ago. Its nice being able to have conversations all day now like I do with the rest of my family. I just love them :) 

hmm lets see what else is going on. . . oh ya. Sad news. My great Uncle Neal is now living in a rest home. He is my grandma Nellies brother. She is the one whose husband died the day my Bekah was born. Its been a tough month for her and my mom and Neal. He fell a couple days ago and hit his head. He had to go to the hospital and get 10 staples in his head. He has dementia and it got worse during his hospital stay. He was living with my grandma but is now like I said in the home. Its sad but also a good thing because now he will get the care he needs. My grandma is unable to give him the attention and care that is require due to his dementia. Also he doesn't eat right if at all and he has heart issues. I'm happy he will be well taken care of. Its so sad that his health is so bad. Now my grandma is so stressed that her husband is gone and her brother has moved out. My parents are thinking of moving her in with them. She has a house but they are talking about renting it to Sean and I. We will see if that ends up happening or not. Our lease is up in November and it would take that time anyway for them to move things around my parents house to make room for her to move in. Also they will need to clean and sell a lot of my grandmas stuff out of her house. She is a pack rat and has a lot of things she doesn't need. She wants Andrea and I to help her sell it on Craigslist. In any case we are moving in November to some where. I cant handle living on a 3rd story with two kids. Its so hard to pack them down everytime I want to leave. I always fear I am going to drop Bekah or not hold Noah tight enough as he walks down and he will trip and fall. He is still getting the hang of walking down them. Its a tough feat for a small child. I love our apartment and the complex other than the stair issue. But its a big enough issue that I want to move. So does Sean. I can't wait! 

Well thats it for now. Its late and I should go to sleep while the kids are sleeping or I will be a zombie tomorrow. 


  1. That's disappointing that his raise didn't cover quite enough! Hopefully you can get some people to become regulars. I'd do it for you if I could haha... It would be nice.

  2. Hey Deana! I just thought I'd say Hi and I enjoy reading your posts and updates on your growing family! I hope you guys figure it out so you can stay hope with those babies! Good Luck!

    1. Hey Venessa! I try to go onto your blog but for some reason I cant get on there. I used to be able to but it doesn't show up on my news feed anymore. Did you change your settings? Anyway, Thanks for the comment and the support. I sure hope I can stay home too. Your family is so cute :)


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