Wednesday, June 6, 2012

30 is a big number

Sean is now 30 years old! I can't believe he has made it this long! haha I love making old jokes to him. Its our little thing. I'm only 5 years younger than him but he gets a kick out of the jokes that he is such an old man and I'm his hot young wife. haha It's silly. He isn't too big on birthdays. He loves doing things for me and he is excited to have a party for Noah for his birthdays but when it comes to his, he just doesn't care. He said he stopped caring about birthdays when he was 16ish. Just decided they weren't a big deal. He often forgot his birthday. But since I like to make a big deal of them this is hard for me to be ok with. Yesterday was his 30th birthday and guess what we did? I got off early we met at the house and played with Noah. (that was a blast) Then we put him down for the night and we just hung out watching netfilx and being silly. Nothing special or out of the ordinary. Oh he did stop at Krispy Kreme and get a free dounut on his way home. That was it. He was totally happy with it too! Crazy right? I felt so bad that the only thing he got was a chill day at home with me and Noah and a doughnut. Also married rights... :) But he said he enjoyed his day. I just didn't get it. We were going to go feed the ducks but it was just too dang hot outside. Sean really wanted to do it so we are postponing it til its a little cooler... like 80 instead of 110! Maybe next week. He said Noah would get a kick out of it and he wanted to see his reaction. Such a sweet daddy thinking of Noah :) I love my boys.

Thinking about it now I finally understand. He is just happy to be with the people he loves. I have a simple husband. (not simple minded, he is a genius.) He is easily made happy. This is a good thing. He doesn't need gifts or parties or big dinners. We had soup for dinner last night because thats what he wanted. He just needs love and a good cuddle from his baby man and hot wife. I on the other hand enjoy parties and nice dinners. He knows this so thats what he does. He enjoys simple nights at home so thats what we did.

All that said, that doesn't mean we aren't going to still have a party! haha His friend Tim sent me a text today asking if we could have a party for Sean at his house this Friday. As previously stated, I LOVE PARTIES! So I said of course. I think Tim wanted to show off his newly decorated house but also, and mostly he and his wife Adriana love Sean and want to celebrate his huge birthday. 30 is kind of a big deal! Half way to a senior citizen! So far its just a couple friends and we are going to do a potluck. Should be pretty rockin' though. I'll post about it later.

I'm so lucky to have Sean. He is the most caring, understanding, forgiving, insightful, freaking handsome, loving man I have ever known. He takes care of Noah so wonderfully and he is always here for me. I'm grateful he chose me to be with for eternity. I get to see him get older and older and love him more and more.

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  1. Sean's 30 and your baby is almost 1!!! Weren't we all pregnant just a little bit ago? ;)


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