Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day! I know its late but I didn't want to post yesterday. It was a great day! :) We woke up and played with Noah. He is such a happy baby in the mornings. Well he is pretty much a happy baby all the time but especially in the mornings. He crawls all over the bed and squeals and grabs at our faces, gives kisses and hugs. We just love him.

So after playing for awhile I went down stairs and made a lovely breakfast for our Hero of the day. Noah played on the floor with goldfish crackers and Sean sat and watched us. I normally suck at making pancakes but I'm getting better. These ones turned out pretty great. We had pancakes, sliced fried turkey, eggs and potatoes. It was a feast. Then we just lounged around til church time. After church we went to my parents house for festivities. On the way Sean called his dad to say happy fathers day to him too. I like his dad. He is a funny guy. I see where Sean gets his sense of humor from. All the Howell boys have that same quirky humor.  At my parents house my dad grilled up some delicious hamburgers with all the fixings. They put on a movie, John Carter. It was stupid. Some guy went to mars and fell for a girl and had to help in a war. Not my kind of movie. I played with Noah and read a book instead. (reading the book Wicked, after the Broadway play) Sean said he didn't really like it very much either. We brought our friend Alex to my parents as well. We just watched the movie and chatted. Pretty chill night.

Sean said he enjoyed the day very much :) Noah and I are so blessed to have him. He is an amazing Husband and Father. I am glad he is the head of our house and leads us in the right direction. I am so grateful for the pleasure of raising a family with him. Have I told you lately how in love with this man I am? Well just in case you missed it, I LOVE HIM <---------------------------------------------------> This much times like a gazillion.

He is the greatest! I have have learned so much from his example. He is always a missionary. He isn't afraid to talk to anyone. He is kind, and loving. I love how much he loves people. Especially my mother. If you want to be a great father show your kids how to love by loving their mother. Us kids definitely learned how to love perfectly because of my dad's love for my mom. He is a hard worker with the highest work ethic. I have never known a man to work harder than my dad. He has been a wonderful provider for my family. I am a better person having him to guide me. I am so grateful for all the great men in my life. I'm grateful for Sean's dad and the way he brought up Sean. I just love that we have days like these to honor and give thanks to the important people in our lives.

I think I skipped blogging about mothers day now that I think of it. It was a great day too. haha months ago but hey oh well. I will just take a few lines to write about it. We went to church with my family then went to Sean's moms house for dinner. It was a nice day. Sean and Noah were so loving and made me feel important and blessed. I am grateful for my mother. She is the strongest person I have ever known. She has been through some intense trials I can't even imagine going through. Yet there she is a beacon of happiness and a testimony that the atonement is real and works. She loves the gospel. She has unconditional love for her family. No matter what we do she is there for us. She has taught me how to be a mother. I am grateful for Sean's mom too. She has taught him to be strong in the gospel and how to be a responsible person. She loves and guides her family.
I am a pretty lucky gal to be surrounded by so many amazing people!

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