Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Letter to Noah Scott Howell

Dear Noah,

Soon you shall be 1 year old. That's a pretty long time in baby time. You will have been on this wonderful planet for 1 year, that's 365 days, 3 or 4 thousand diaper changes, even more  than all of that there have been wet kisses from you, smiles and laughs, and loving stares.

This year you have learned to crawl, been blessed and given a name on the church records, received a couple fathers blessings, gone swimming, discovered the world around you, learned to take steps with the help of loving fingers to hold onto, discovered how loud you can make your voice go, learned new sounds you can make with your mouth, made your father and I fall in love with you every day. You have been pushed and pulled like a rag doll from the wild Cortney. She loves you so much and just can't wait til you are big enough to play like she does. You are learning how to hold your own with her and let her know when you want to play and when you'd rather be left alone. You love your grandparents and light up when you are in their arms. Your aunts and uncles adore you and have enjoyed seeing you grow and learn. You have such a sweet demeanor. You are a kind loving soul. At church you share with the babies in Relief Society. You love sitting and watching others. Daddy jokes about how you are Magellan discovering new worlds as you crawl around the house admiring cords and cat hair, rugs and all other things in reach of your baby hands. We read to you almost every day and you love it. You hit the books and grab them from us, holding them as if you are reading it yourself. You copy our voice as if you are saying the same words in your own Noah language. Tickling you and hearing that laugh makes my day. Baby laughs are the best. They never hold back. As people get old I think they sometimes supress their laughs. I hope you never do. Your laugh is the best and makes everyone around you smile. Noah you are a blessed little guy. You are surrounded by love from your family and friends, your Savior loves you and you are going to grow up in a home that lets you know that daily. I have cherished this last (almost) year with you and look forward to the many many more years of discoveries and learning opportunities. Teaching and loving you is a privilege. Your daddy loves you with all his daddy heart. You are his pride and joy. I see such love and happiness when he looks at you. Thank you for coming to us and making our life an amazing adventure.

I love you ,

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