Sunday, June 24, 2012

Crazy week of non stop funness!

It's been a busy week for us. We went on a double date almost every day this week.

Monday- Date with the perentals :) My mama and papa. We got a booklet of 12 free movie tickets and 24  half off coupons for a movie theater in Scottsdale called The Studio Movie Grill. Its a dinner and movie theater where they bring out food during the movie. It was pretty awesome. On the way there we chatted about our love stories. Even though I've heard it a dozen times I still like to hear how my parents met. They didn't know some of the facts about our love story so that was fun to tell again. It was adorable how my parents still hold hands in the car. Seriously they are just so in love. Sean thought they were silly. I agreed. Sometimes they act like they are still newly weds. My kept telling dad to dance for her.  On the way there mom was back seat driving and telling dad not to get to close to the cars and where he needed to turn if he wasn't turning when she thought appropriate. Sean smirked and said "now I see why you do it" Then mom and I both yelled at dad as he wasn't yeilding properly to our standards. Sean and Dad had a nice laugh about that. We saw "Snow White and the Huntsman" It was pretty good. I liked the story line but I didn't like how the end left it so we didn't know who Snow White ended up with. I mean we can assume but I didn't think that was good enough. Kristen Stewart's acting, as usual, was subpar. But the huntsman was great. Chris Hainsworth was the actor he also played Thor in Avengers. Mom and I agreed if we didn't love our husbands we would be in love with him. Dad and Sean understood though so its alright. After the movie and dinner mom decided she wanted ice cream. Since we treated for the movie (free) and dinner (After the coupon dinner was only $30 for all four of us) they treated the treat. Cold Stone, Yum! It was a bomb diggity date.

Tuesday- I had a massage to do at 5:30pm then afterward we went to Amanda and Corey's house. (Sister and her husband) We were there to help her practice for a test at work. But we ended up not really working on that much haha. Noah was sleepy so he just slept in their room most of the night. Cortney (my adorable niece) was just a cutie all night asking where her noah was. We ordered pizza and just hung out for a couple hours. It's always nice hanging out there cuz we tend to just chill.
Didn't get any pics of us hanging out., oops

Wednesday- We had planned to go with Ben & Hillary to the studio movie grill. This ended up not happening sadly. We were pretty bummed. We were on the way to pick the up and got a call from Hillary telling us they couldn't do it after all this week. Ben had a job interview that ran late and they both thought the other one was in charge of getting a babysitter. We hopefully will be able to go out with them next week instead. They are pretty fun peeps. Maybe we can just get one babysitter for both babies and they can play together. David and his girlfriend were going to babysit Noah and we had plans to go out with them on Thursday so we just did it Wednesday instead and took Noah bug with us. David wanted to take us out for Sean's bday since he missed the party we had for him two weeks ago. So kind of him to treat us to a delicious dinner. We went to one of Sean's favorite places, Buffalo Wild Wings. Noah also love the wings too. It was a super fun night and nice to spend some time with them. David doesn't get to see Noah often so he had a good time holding and loving him.

 Noah loves him some mango lemonade. 

Thursday- Wednesday night our friend Alex called and asked if we had plans the next day. Since we did our Thursday plans that night instead we were free. Alex's birthday is Saturday and wanted to hang out with us sometime this week to celebrate. Again no pictures. It was a pretty great night though.

Friday- Homemade pizza with Mike and Rebecca. They are pretty much awesome. We had a really nice time with them. We got there and Becca had pizza dough on the table, one for each of us. And we put our own toppings on them. The crust was delicious! She is a pro at pizza dough apparently. We brought Noah along so we kept entertained watching and commenting on the cute things he does. It was great getting to know them more. Mike was roommates with Sean in the original mancave and I had gone on a date with him before so I knew him a little as well. I've seen Becca a bunch of times but we hadn't really known each other that well. Mike and Becca have been married for 3 years now and are expecting their first child in 2 months. So exciting! Sean and I are looking forward to more doubles with them and our babies being playmates. Sadly again no pictures. Man I was off this week with my picture taking.

It was a marvelous week! On Saturday Sean of course worked all day as usual. Noah and I had a busy day as well. I dropped him off at Grandma Rogers house and went with Onda to a class taught at St. Luke's Hospital. It was put on by the same  grant funded program that taught the infant brain development class I took a couple months back. This class was Home Safety. We learned a lot about how to child proof your home and make it safe for children. A lot I already knew but there was some knew statistics I was unaware of and some tips of how to better your home for children.  At the end everyone in the class received free Fire extinguishers, fire&smoke alarms, outlet covers, safety flash cards for children, story books for kids, and a coloring book. Pretty awesome! I love free stuff. Now I'm prepared to keep my baby safe and teach him out to stay safe as well. After the class we picked up Noah, dropped off Onda and then Noah and I had lunch with Sean at work. I love taking Noah to see daddy at work. I think it brightens Sean's work day. Plus the old people love seeing him too! They get so excited when they see him and talk to him and tell him stories. Noah gets a kick out of all the attention as well. After lunch I went to Sean's mom's house to hang out with Onda some more. We did our nails and watched Noah bug be cute. (this tends to be a big chuck of my day most of the time, I love it) Noah had some fun playing with his Grandma Howell and Aunt Onda. When Sean got off work at 10:30pm we went home. It was a pretty grand day full of fun.

Welp, that our week. Dang awesome right? I know, I love my life. It isn't always full as this past week was but it does always have Sean and Noah  so that makes any day wonderful.


  1. What a great week! I'm glad you guys see Alex from time to time. It's so fun to hear about what all my AZ friends are up to lately!

  2. Ya Alex is a good buddy of ours still. :) It has been a fun year so far. Lots of things going on.


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