Monday, June 25, 2012

Please Vote for Noah- Mix969 Baby Idol

Hey Everyone!

I posted earlier that I entered him into a radio contest for cutest baby in Arizona. It has been a long contest but the end is near. They annouce the winner on the 29th!

Noah is truely the cutest little guy. It's his destiny to win. Just take a look at that picture and try not to smile. Its just not physically possible. The boy is just dang adorable and with a sweet sweet spirit to match. Also another thing, The winner gets $2000. We can really use that money. Of course since it is Noah's beautiful face that would be the winner we want to start a college fund for him with part of the money. Then with the other half we would like to use to pay for my husband, Sean's school fees. He is applying for grad school this coming year and let me tell ya application fees and the test fees are crazy! It is for the good of Noah's future for his daddy to go to school and get a good job so I don't feel bad using the money for that as well as a fund for Noah. We are in a pretty sad state of need for money for Sean's schooling so this would be a huge blessing to win.
You can vote everyday from today 6/25 to 6/29.  You vote using email. Don't worry they won't send you anything afterward, not even a email saying thanks for voting. You can use 3 emails a day from each IP address. So that means vote for your family as well, or use any emails you have. Please spread the word.

Sean, Noah and I really appreciate your support. Thanks for getting us so far in the contest. Now help us to win! :)  He is in the first Gallery id 121 Noah H. Here is the link

Vote for Noah!! 

You all rock so much for even visiting my blog. Also you rock even more for voting! Wanna rock thrice times? Well you can maybe mention this on your blog or facebook or other social networking site and let others know how they can rock and vote for Noah. Love and Stuff to you all!

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