Sunday, June 24, 2012

Let the Record Show

Big news people! Noah had his first official word association. He has been saying things like: dada, mama, baba, gaga, hi, and others for the past 2 months. Yesterday, June 23rd, he actually associated a word with what it is referring to! I am one proud mama. Let the record show that Noah's first word with meaning was MAMA :) That's me. He did it again a plethora of times today as well. He looked right at me and did the come here motion with his hands and said mama. It made me so happy. My little guy is growing up so fast. Soon he will be saying many many more words. I can't wait to hear all the thoughts he has. Sean is looking forward to the dada that is bound to come soon too.

Other Noah news. Our poor baby has an infection in one of the worst places for a little boy. Friday morning at 3am Noah woke up crying so Sean went and got him as usual and gave him to me to give him a early morning helping of breast milk. I fed him and handed him back off to Sean to put back in the crib. He was still crying when Sean set him back in the crib thought. Normally he just goes right back to sleep. Sean thought maybe he just wanted a diaper change. As he was changing the diaper he calls out my name and tells me to get in there right away. I came in and turned the light on. There was blood on the wipe! What the?! Where did that come from. There was a couple drops, so nothing gushing but no parent wants to see blood while changing a diaper. Sean wiped him again and saw the blood was coming from the tip of Noah's penis. This of course brought much concern to our minds. We called his Doctors office and talked to the emergency line. They told us that it could be something very serious so we needed to take him into the ER right away. We obeyed and took him in. After waiting awhile the doctor to come check him out. He said that it didn't look like he was peeing the blood so it wasn't a yeast or urinary infection. He told us that it was an infection of the glans penis. So pretty much an infection of the tip of the penis. Either a bacteria or a fungal infection. He told us that is is pretty common and comes from the area being chaffed on the diaper or some how getting scratched and open and the bacteria of fungus just gets in. It was a relief to know that its nothing too serious and there is an easy fix. We have an anti bacteria medicine to give him by mouth 4 times a day and a fungus cream to give him 3 times a day. It hasn't bled since and is starting to clear up already. Its not swollen anymore but is still a little red. Should clear up by the end of this week though. Noah is doing just fine. You wouldn't even know there was something wrong by the way he acts. He is just a happy little baby and is playing and smiling as usual. First ER visit is out of the way. Sean was so worried. I think being a guy he was more worried because of where the blood was coming from. We were both pretty freaked out. I'm so happy my baby is fine now :) I hope we don't have to take anymore trips there.

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  1. OMG! I cringed when I read this post. So, glad to read that little Noah is doing just fine. It's my first visit to your blog. I love your layout. Visiting via Baby Making Machine!


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