Friday, June 15, 2012

Run or Bust

I hate running. Raise your hand if you hate running ^ this is me raising my hand. I'm not very good at the breathing while you feel your heart beating out of your chest thing that running requires. You know who likes running? ^ This is Sean raising his hand. I guess he likes not breathing. . Or maybe he has figured out the breathing issue. Probably the latter. I need to figure that out cuz guess what? I'm taking up a new hobby. Drum roll please======= RUNNING!

Now you may be asking "Why does Deana want to torture herself with a hobby she doesn't enjoy. Does she not have hobbies?" Good question you. Well I do indeed have hobbies I already enjoy. I love being a mom and playing with Noah bug. I love to read, whether it be scriptures, blogs, non fiction, fiction. Its all good to me. I actually read pretty often. I enjoy blogging/journaling as well. Another hobby is being an awesome wife to my awesome husband. Yes this counts as a hobby. It requires attention and is quite enjoyable.  I quite enjoy doing massage, I know this is my second job but its also a hobby. I love taking courses on different modalities and learning new things to do with my profession. With all these other hobbies taking up my time, why do I need another one? There is actually a couple reasons for this insanity. Here they are:
  • I want to be fit and healthy.  
  • I want to challenge myself. I have a full-time job that isn't very challenging. Its an office job where I mostly sit all day. I need something to challenge me and give me something to work at.

  • I want to share a hobby with my hubby. I think its so cute when I see couples out walking or running together. Add a baby in a stroller or toddler on a bike and its even more precious. A family that works out together is healthy together and lives longer. Its true.
  • I want cool accessories. Who doesn't love a good accessory. Running has some fun ones too. Shoes, clothing, apps, water bottles. I may not like the running yet but oh I do love me the accessories. I will do almost anything if it means I get a new outfit!

  • I know its something that I can end up loving. Sean says that running is mostly mental. Yes its hard physically but mostly its getting past that voice in your head saying "kay I'm done, this makes me tired and my chest hurts." When you go past that thought you break through the barrier and your mind just lets go. You have a clear mind and can just focus on the run. I want that. It sounds so peaceful.
I sure hope I get to that point. This is what I feel like after running right now. 

Now I just have to push myself and do it. I made a deal with Jessica that I would run everyday for 2 months! What a goal for someone first starting out right? Go big or go home. She said that if I accomplish it the she will buy me running shoes (accessories!). She doesn't think I'm going to be able to do it. Such faith in her best friend huh? haha Its for good reason though. This isn't my first flirtation with running. We have dated before and broken up many times. I start and then get cold feet and stop. This time is going to be different though. I am committed. Running is going to be in my life. This deal with Jess is extra motivation for me to succeed. Maybe thats her plan? Tell me I can't do it so I want it even more to prove something? Or she just doesn't think I can. haha Either way its motivation so its good. Today is the first day of the challenge. Wish me luck, better yet, wish my poor untrained body luck.


  1. You are going to do great! Some words of advice from a fitness professional: You don't have to run so hard all the time that you are completely and utterly exhausted. In order to burn fat your heart rate should actually be in a lower range and to increase your cardiovascular condition is when you want to have your harder but shorter runs where your heart rate is high. It's all about heart rate basically so a heart rate monitor would be a great investment which we sell at my work so let me know if I could help you with that. If your heart rate is super high all the time then you could overtrain which will hurt your body or you could be burning muscle all the time which is no good too. By the way I love taking Everett out in the stroller and he loves it too. I'm sure Noah will really enjoy that time with you and Sean! Hope this info helps and I'll be watching your updates.

  2. Thanks for the advice! I will be sure to watch my heart rate. I do need a monitor then so I will check out prices. What should my heartrate be at to be burning fat and not muscle?

  3. The heart rate monitors we sell at my work are Polar brand which have been around basically the longest and are super easy to use. The cheapest one we sell is $120 with tax. A good place to keep your heart rate when wanting to burn fat would be under 160.


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