Monday, June 4, 2012


Noah got his first hair cut! It was getting so long it was starting to fall flat instead of sticking up all fun like. The most amazing hair stylist ever did his hair. Andraya Detrich, she rocks! She is the talented girl that did my hair for our wedding and had done it many times before since I was 12yrs old. Ya she is awesome sauce. And Noah was so good for the cut. He was staring at the all the things on the wall in the room. Such a cutie. Sean held him in his lap so he would feel save. 

 Aren't my boys just the sweetest, most handsome ever!? I know, its true. They are! 
 He got a cute little cape with penguins. He looked adorable in it. 

 I love that face. 

 He was not happy when she pulled out the clippers. It scared him. Poor guy. 

 Checking out his new do. 

Man my little guy is just growing so much! Its crazyness. Such a sweet boy. I love him.  

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