Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Justin Beiber

The party was a great success! Tons of people showed up and brought yummy food. It was pretty awesome for such short planning. Who is a great party planner? Thats right, this girl :) haha Had to give myself props for this one. With only 3 days notice we had a really good turn out and organization. Hamburgers, hot dogs, turkey burgers, chips and other yumminess. Sean was so happy to see all the people he loves. Of course having the babies all play together was fun to see as always. They are all growing up so fast.Watching Noah play with Wesley and Belle and Spencer was so adorable.  I wish we got some pictures. Sadly we only got one of Sean and his epic cake.

 Kirby got the cake just minutes before the party and all that was there was either little mermaid or this wonderful Justin Beiber cake. haha. So perfect for just a manly man right?

We all just hung out talking eating and watching the cute babies. Its nice when we can all get together and catch up. We have such busy lives with work, school and family and church responsibilities. It's lovely to have a night of just chilaxing.Thanks everyone that came out and Tim and Adriana for offering up their house for the shindig.

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