Saturday, May 21, 2011

Anxiously Engaged

I'm pretty sure pregnancy has messed with my mind! I am always thinking of what can be cleaned next or what needs to be put away. Thank goodness Sean is an understanding soul and takes pity on me. He just laughs when I have to pause the movie we are watching so I can get up and put the dishes we just used to eat on in the dish washer because the idea of them sitting in the sink was driving me nuts! Or when I'm laying in bed ready to go to sleep but then have to wake up and put my clothes away because just knowing they aren't where they are supposed to be makes it impossible to fall to sleep completely. Or even worse: We just bought some closet organizers for Noah's room and I just have to put them up and put the clothes we just got for him away right a way because they will finally be out of the boxes. Insane? Maybe, but either way my house is clean and it makes me happy. Sean just gets joy out of watching my craziness and even helps out with it. He will make the bed in the morning just because he knows it makes me smile. Was I always like this? I just don't know for sure. Sean says that I have always been super picky about things being clean but that it has been enhanced since the pregnancy. This must be what nesting is when its put into def-con 10. Is that the right number? I'm not sure. Oh well it sounds serious so I'm going with that.

 I am officially 29 weeks yesterday. 11 Weeks, that's 2.75 months to go. The nursery will be done very shortly. Almost everything we need to have it complete is done. Here is a list of things to do still: Get the curtain made and hung up in the window, have tint installed, finish putting away the mountain of clothing we have (we got more free clothes 0-3 years this time from Sean's co-worker), shampoo the carpet. After all that it will be done! So that means by next week :) So when the nursery is done that means he can come out right? No? Yeah I didn't think so but it was a nice thought. Well, kind of. I know he still has a lot of growing to do in the next 11 weeks but I'm just so darn anxious for him to be here in my arms already! Sigh*** I know be patient Deana. Fine I will, a little. Probably not but I will try.

You may be asking yourself , after the nursery is done what will she obsess about then? Don't worry I asked myself that same thing and already have the answer. There are still plenty of things for me be anxiously engaged in. There is a list of things we still need to take care of our little man. We are really hoping we get them from the shower. The thing I am mostly wishing for is the swing and the cam recorder. We also need more diapers, wipes, baby towels, bath soaps, lotion, hygiene kit, all those small things still. What we don't get from the shower I'm sure Sean and I will go out and buy the next day (actually the next two days because the next day will be Sunday) so that I will feel prepared. Then after project Get Ready for Noah is done we have many more projects. Like the Food Storage one, 72 hour kits and the Backyard Beautification Project (Basically I want a slide for when Noah is bigger, garden, patio table and chairs for BBQ's and other prettiness). I just love having things to look forward to :) I know we will be super busy raising Noah as well so there will be no dull moments in the Howell house. Also Sean goes back to school after Noah is born so that just adds to the adventure. I love being busy. This post seems like we are always working and cleaning or something productive. I just noticed it might send the wrong message. Trust me, we have our lazy days and we both appreciate them very much! I think its very well balanced between hang out time and productiveness. Just last night we went to a party with some friends for a couple hours and it was blissful to just relax and have fun. When the nursery is done I will be posting pictures.

Sean gets off work for the day soon. Brittany will be home soon as well and give me a hair cut! Then Sean and I are going to go register at babies r us, add some items to the Target registry, finish putting Noah's clothes away, pick up the carpet cleaner from my sisters house, pick up our new dining room table from walmart, and clean the carpet at home. Then for the rest of the evening we will just relax and enjoy each others company. I went to the library today and got us some good books to read as well so that might be part of our night.

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  1. There's always more to do when you look for it! When we get a house you can help me ;)


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