Monday, May 9, 2011

Bradley Method Birthing Classes

              What is the Bradley Method?
“The Bradley Method® teaches natural childbirth and views birth as a natural process. It is our belief that most women with proper education, preparation, and the help of a loving and supportive coach can be taught to give birth naturally. The Bradley Method® is a system of natural labor techniques in which a woman and her coach play an active part. It is a simple method of increasing self-awareness, teaching a woman how to deal with the stress of labor by tuning in to her own body. The Bradley Method® encourages mothers to trust their bodies using natural breathing, relaxation, nutrition, exercise, and education.”

Doesn't that just sound magnificent!?
I don’t like the idea of making something so natural un-natural by adding un-needed drugs into the mix. Yes this means NO EPIDURAL! Go ahead get your negative comments out if you must. I have had people tell me I can’t do it and that I’m going to be screaming for the drugs when it gets hard, and that the drugs are there to help so I might as well use them. Well, quite frankly I completely disagree with all those statements. I know my ability, I know I can do it, my body was made for this. If I have a headache do I go take a Tylenol every time right when it hurts? No, because I don’t always need medical intervention. That’s how I look at birth. Yes I do realize it will hurt more than a headache, haha. But same concept applies regardless of the pain level. They say the worst comes right before it’s over anyway. I am so excited for my natural birth. I will be there completely mentally and physically and I will be able to be in control of my body instead of just having someone else tell me when to push and when not to. Plus I know it will be healthier for me and my baby.
See, Women have been giving birth for 1000's of years Naturally!
 Another thing I loved about the Bradley Method was that it was not just about educating me as the mother, its about making the Husband prepared and ready to couch me through the labor. The Bradley Method is also often called the Husband Couched Childbirth. I love that. We got into this together and we are going to work in the end together to bring our little baby into this world as well. The husbands need special training too! In the classes they teach the coach, husband, how to help the mother during pregnancy and to be aware of things that helps her be as healthy and low risk as possible. He will learn what to expect in the course of natural birth, how to avoid unnecessary pain in labor, how to support the mother. This way Sean will be a valuable part of the birth experience.

                               What does The Bradley Method Teach?
  1. Natural childbirth - Nearly 90% of Bradley Method moms having vaginal births do so without pain medication.
  2. Active participation by the husband as coach.
  3. Excellent nutrition (the foundation of a healthy pregnancy and baby).
  4. Avoidance of drugs during pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding, unless absolutely necessary. No drug has been proven safe for an unborn baby.
  5. Training: "Early Bird" classes followed by weekly classes starting in the 5th month and continuing until the birth.
  6. Relaxation and NATURAL breathing - can be effective pain management techniques with training according to the National Institutes of Health.
  7. "Tuning-in" to your own body and trusting the natural process.
  8. Immediate and continuous contact with your new baby.
  9. Breastfeeding, beginning at birth provides immunities and nutrition.
  10. Consumerism and positive communications.
  11. Parents taking responsibility for the safety of the birth place, procedures, attendants, and emergency back-up.
  12. Parents being prepared for unexpected situations such as emergency childbirth and cesarean section.
Sean and I are so excited to start our first of 12 classes tomorrow!! It will be great to meet other couples and learn together. I know we will be prepared and ready for when the big day comes. Yay! I just hope the work day goes by fast because I know I will be anxious for it all day. Of course I will let you all know how the first day goes.


  1. That's exciting! Good for you for pushing yourself! You made a lot of good points. I haven't decided yet if I will use drugs. I figure I'll cross that bridge when I get to it :) novel idea, eh?

  2. Thanks! Haha That's a good idea. I wasn't really concerned with my birth plan very much either until after I saw my sister give birth to my niece 2 years ago. That experience inspired me to do the same :) Its a personal decision so whatever you do it will be great!


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