Friday, May 27, 2011

Nursery and 30 Weeks

The nursery is complete! Sean and I are so happy to have it done :) I can' t wait for Noah to be home and in his beautiful room.
The clothing is organized by 0-3 months and 3-6 months. They are even organized by tops, bottoms, and sleepers. 

This chair is my favorite! Sean's mom gave us the chair and my mom made the seat cushions.

The crib! The mobile sings the lullaby song.


I'm 30 weeks today! I'm showing more and more everyday. Our little guy is growing so much now.  We have a doctors appointment next week. They are now every 2 weeks now instead of once a month. Baby time is coming up soon! The baby shower is next month as well! This is all very exciting in case you couldn't tell my all the !!!!!  Life is just so wonderful :) We are so grateful for all our many blessings.

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  1. I love the little curtain in place of a closet door! It's perfect for that room :) Only a couple more months until little Noah can make a grand entrance


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