Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bradley Class #1

The class started at 7pm so naturally we got there at 6:28pm. I blame it on my mom. She always made us show up places really early so that we would get a good seat. It was okay though because some other couples got there around 7:40pm so until other people started showing up Sean and I just sat in the car and talked.

The class is held in an elegant building. I forgot to take a picture so I'll remember to take one next week. Its styled like a old home with a beautiful porch and two floors. The inside has high ceilings and there are a bunch of different rooms. Its also used as a midwife birthing home so there is a room for labor and delivery. We walked into the room where the class is going to take place every week and we were immediately impressed. Its all wood floors and there were stacks and stacks of pillows, pads, yoga mats and blankets for us to use for our comfort. The class is going to be held every Tuesday 7pm to 9:30pm for 12 weeks.

Introductions Please!
Our instructor's name is Rachel Davis. She is a lovely lady in her 30's I'm guessing. Her husband will be joining in the future classes when he can make it. The class consisted of 6 other couples beside Sean and I, all married. Most of them this is their first child, two couples were on their 4th and 2nd child. Of course, as usual, I was the youngest in the class. It seems to always be that way with me. All are normal birth with the exception of one lady who is on her 4th pregnancy (hers is high risk due to a disease she has).

Her story: 
To begin the class Rachel went over how she came to be a Bradley Instructor. She told us of her birth story with her first child. She said that she thought it was just normal to have a birth with no drugs and minimal medical intervention. She said she very soon discovered that, that isn't the case. She had to switch OB's 3 times because they had pushed other birth options on her. She finally found one that was compatible with hers and her husbands personalities and with their birth plan. Its a long story and I'll spare relaying the whole thing to you but here is the readers digest. The day comes, her water breaks (which isn't common, most births the water is not the first sign of going into labor, Only in movies) She planned to stay home and labor as long as she could but something happened where the baby had already had a bowel movement inside of her so she went to the hospital. (The baby having a BM isn't really a real danger but as a first time mother she was concerned and wanted some reassurance that everything was ok, which it turned out was the case) She was in labor for 32 hours, which she describes as hard work but she was not feeling much pain. The doctor on call (her Dr couldn't be there right away) and some nurses were quite rude and kept pressuring her to have drugs. It came to a point where she wasn't dilated yet and the nurse comes in and says if she doesn't dilated within 15 minutes she will have to have a C-section. Rachel then asks if there is any danger to her or the baby. The nurse says no but its protocol to have the mother have a C-section if there is no progress within 24 hours of the water breaking. Rachel was not ok with just following protocol if there was no danger to her or the baby. She declined the C-section. This angered the nurse and she stormed off saying "I thought you cared about your baby"       That is just plain rude!

So after the nurse left she continued with her natural ways of inducing labor (walking, squats, lunges) And she finally was able to start pushing. She gave birth to a handsome baby boy, natural and with no unneeded medical interference. I really hope that I get nurses that understand that I'm the one in charge of my birth. Yes if there is medical need for me to have drugs or get a C-section then of course I will do whats best for my baby. I will not, however, do what is best for the nurses or doctor so I can have speedy delivery to better accommodate them. I also will not just follow protocol. Each birth is different and should not have to fit in this little box that the hospital decides is ideal. If I have to be in labor for 32 hours until my baby decides to come then fine, that's what I will do. That's just that! The OB that Sean and I chose is all for the natural birth. He was also the one who delivered my sister's baby 2 years ago. He is perfectly compatible with our birth plan and for that I am grateful.

Rachel said that other than the times where there was pressure from outsiders to do what they felt was best (not having in mind what she wanted) She had a pleasant birth. She used what she learned from her Bradley course and was in minimal pain. She said "it wasn't painless but it was by no means painful". She was comforted and couched by her husband who sat with her the whole time whispering in her ear. She got to do the positions she learned to reduce pain and manage the contractions. She then decided after that experience that she wanted to help others have a birth like hers (only hopefully without the interruptions from rude nurses and doctors). She is now pregnant with her second child and due in late July. We will take 2 weeks off from classes and then resume after she has some time off.

After hearing that inspiring story we had a break for snacks they provided us with and got to mingle with each other. They couples in the class are all so different and I'm excited to get to know each of them more and learn with them. After the break we went over the syllabus and had some assignments for the next class and the following one to come as well. We were given workbooks that had reading and instructions for each class and all sorts of other important information to have. Then we learned a 5 techniques to relax during contractions and labor. I love the positions! I used one to sleep last night and it was great! I loved having Sean with me the whole time learning right beside me and guiding me through the relaxation. Hearing his loving voice whisper to me was so soothing. He is going to be so great come Noah's birth-day! Only 90 days left til his due date.

P.S. Have any of you heard of a twilight birth? Yeah its a creepy as it sounds. It was a common birth method back in the day. Pretty much the men would drop off their wives at the hospital and go play a couple rounds of golf or play cards. Then the wife would call when she was ready to be picked up again. The fathers had  nothing to do with the births! This is just crazy! I love that it's not like that anymore. Also the creepy part is how the mother gave birth. She barely had anything to do with it either. She was given this drug that made her pass out and lose all control of her body. She would have shakes and things so the doctors would strap them to the bed and use forceps to pull the baby out! This is just gut wrenching to think about. And that my friends is why forceps were invented. Needless to say I shall not be having any sort of foreign object pull my child out of me. The only thing going near me is the doctors hands.

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  1. You sound so excited! You'll have to let me know more about it because I'm not sure what I'll do when that time comes. All I know is I'm not so sure that I want a needle in my back..


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