Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dancing in the Rain

Last night was very eventful! Sean went to the gym when he got off work and I went home to clean. Ondalynn came over a little while after I got home and gave me some jam she bought for us from the cannery. I came out to the living room and was surprised to see that some packages had come. Sean must have grabbed them before he left and put them there. We got the cloth diaper I ordered and a package from Jason and Melissa (Sean's brother and his wife). The package and a couple clothes from their son Alden and a new church outfit. They even put in a pair of skater shoes because they reminded them of Sean. The cloth diaper was very exciting to recieve as well!! I ordered one so I could try it out (using Cortney, as a test baby) and make sure those are the ones Sean and I want to use. I already know I love them but I will wait until after we try it out and then order all the ones we will need. I'll write more about the diaper after I test it. The other package we got was the bluetooth headphones for my ipod. Ondalynn and I hung out and chatted until Sean came home from the gym, then she left to go do some errands.

Then my old boss from Clearco Window Cleaning came and gave us an estimate to get a couple of our windows tinted. Our bedroom, the nursery, and Brittany's room all get very hot during the day and the tint will reduce the heat by 85%. This will be great for our energy bill! So after getting the estimate we ventured on to Target to registar for the baby shower. It was so fun seeing all the cute little boy things. Everyone always talks about how cute the dresses and tutu's are for little girls but I just gush over the little suits and vests for little boys. Sean went crazy scanning all the awesome clothing he just had to have for his little man. While we were at Target we went by the electronic section to registar for a camcorder ( I really really hope someone buys this for us so we can record all the adorable things Noah does). We picked one out and then Sean gazed upon the TV's and couldn't take his eyes off. We have a tv right now at the house but it belongs to our friend Kirby and he is going to be taking it back very soon. So needless to say Sean is adorable and I couldn't say no to him. We had money budgeted to get a tv anyway but I just wasn't planning on getting it for a couple more weeks. So now I have a very very happy husband! haha The simple things that make him smile.

Then we went home and just hung out. At about 8pm we decided we would going to go to DI and get some dresses for me to wear now that it's getting pretty hot out and pants just aren't ideal for a prego woman in the summer. Sean for some reason handed me the keys and I set them down to pick up my purse. As we walked out the door I locked the handle and then Sean asked me to give him the keys.... Oops! They were in the house and we were out. Andrea had taken my car to work that day so I didn't have my keys. Now we were locked out of the house and didn't have the truck key so no way of going any where. To add to the situation it was also raining! So what did we decide to do? Sean led me under the carport and we slow danced to the sound of rain. Then Sean started singing to me the song we danced to at our wedding. (well the first song since we danced to a mix of a bunch of songs.) For the next 15 minutes we sang to each other and danced. It was quite romantical :) Finally Brittany came home and we were let back in the house! It was a lovely night filled with surprises.

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  1. what a crazy fun night! You'll have to let me know how those cloth diapers go! I'm skepticle. It seems weird putting large amounts of poo in the washer ;)


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