Friday, May 6, 2011

Impromptu Date Night

The plans we had originally had for tonight were cancelled last minute so we just decided on the whim what to do with our evening. We were supposed to go to the Temple to see the Joseph Smith video with the missionaries and some investigators but their baby got sick today so we rescheduled for next week. We had already driven over to their apartment so we decided to just go walk around the Temple anyway. We were driving on Main Street and came to a road block. Turns out part of the street was closed off for the "Motorcycles on Main- Bike Night". Bikers came and parked their bikes along both sides of the street to show them off. There was live bands and vendors too. Sean and I walked up and down looking at the bikes eating the yummy shaved ice we bought. Here are some pictures.
Bikes Galore!!!

Us with our shaved ice

This one was my favorite. Yellow, Small & Cute

This was Sean's Favorite. His reason: It looks cool.

A family bike. Room for Dad, Mom and baby in a car seat on the side, haha
 After we saw all there was to see at bike night we made our way to the Temple. We walked around a bit and then went into the visitors center because I really had to pee. haha. That's the life of a preggie woman. That's what Sean calls me. There was an exhibit of canvas painting depicting Book of Mormon stories. We really enjoyed reading the captions on the side and the art was well done. We got some great pictures of the Temple tonight as well. We sat on the bench outside the entrance to the Temple and read some scripture. Then we talked about our wedding day and the things we remembered from the Sealing. It was lovely sitting there looking back at our past as well as looking forward to the future. Both are bound together through the Temple :) I love date night.
Props to me for taking this picture. I love how the Temple glows and the reflection pool is amazing. 

Now we are just hanging out at home with the roomies, Andrea and Brittany. They are awesome girls.

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