Friday, July 20, 2012

13 Things

I thought this would be fun. Here is a list of  13 things you may not know about me. Why 13? Because its a nice number. And 27 would just be too much.

  1. I've never uttered a curse word. Just never got into the habbit and always thought it made a person sound ignorant, disrespectful or both.  
  2. I love the smell of wet dirt. It makes me think of rain. Here in Arizona we don't have much shrubbery or grass. Any where else rain may smell like wet plants or flowers. Here its dirt. Love what you have.
  3. I was the president of a book club in 5th and 6th grade that I started. We met at recess. Yes, there were others in the group not just the books and me haha. There were 4 others in the group. We played at recess as well but for the beginning half we talked about the book we were reading. The club was complete with folders. Don't remember what we kept in them but I still have mine. There is nothing it but it says book club on the front and is decorated with lots of stickers. Precious right?
  4. I'm afraid of the dark. I hate going into a dark room by myself. Those first few months of our marriage where Sean worked nights, I slept with the light on til he got home. I can't go into the bathroom with the light off. Freaks. Me. OUT.
  5. Being a wife and mom has been my dream job since I was little. Whenever people would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up my answer has always been that. Even when I decided that I wanted to do massage I knew it was going to be a side thing. Family is my priority.
  6. My favorite drink is water. So simple but quenches the thirst like nothing else. Next in line would be milk.
  7. I love love love to eat! Food can bring anyone together. Onion rings, fresh fruit, mac & cheese, mozzerella sticks, hamburgers, pasta and salads are a few of my favorites.  
  8. I have OCD tendencies. I get anxiety when I'm in a cluttered or messy room. I just start thinking of all the ways it could be organized and it drives me nuts.
  9. You probably already knew this but oh well. I love to change my hair. I dye it and get a new style every 3 months. (got to love batering. I trade massage for hair with a friend. )
  10. I'm not an animal person. Yes I can appreciate when a little kitten meows or when a mama dog is licking her pup. It makes me sad when I see animals hurt (I'm not dead inside) But I just am not a fan of the mess that comes with them. ie. shedding, noise, drool, scratching up furniture. Thats not to say I don't like animals. I just don't want to be the one to care for them, or have them all up in lap.
  11. I don't like driving. Someday I hope to be rich enough to have a chauffeur. haha. Even when I am going some where in my own car, if someone else is going with me I ask them to drive.
  12. I love to make lists! Exibit A, I'm making a list now. But really I make 2 or 3 lists a day. To do lists, grocery lists, need lists, goals, you name it. I love planning things. Ever need a event planned I'm your girl. Planning my wedding was one of the best things. I know most girls go crazy planning theirs but mine wasn't very stressful because I was too busy enjoying it.
  13. My favorite color is Yellow. It's just so bright and cheery.
There you have it. 13 things you may have not known about me. If you did, well then you rock and we should be best friends. We probably already are if you knew all of that actually haha. Turns out 13 things was pretty hard to come up with.


  1. fun list! 8 of these describe me to a tee. funny, huh? i'm the same with cursing, wet dirt, afraid of the dark, eating, ocd tendencies, animals, driving, and lists!! i WISH i had a book club in elementary. haha. you're cute.

  2. I've always known that I wanna be a mommy too! I even dressed up as one with a baby doll for "career day" in elementary school ;) Any I feel happy that I knew most of those things... but not all!


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