Monday, July 9, 2012

Look What I Can Do!

Noah is learning so many things lately. He says Mama, Dada, Ball, No. Hi and sometimes Yummy. He also is getting better at standing and taking step while holding on to things. He knows how to wave and gets very excited when someone waves at him and he gets to wave enthusiastically back. He puts his hands above his head when you do so and say "yay!" He is just getting so big!! I'm glad Sean has been off school and has been able to spend more time with our little Noah. Noah is a mama's boy for sure but he loves his daddy quite a lot as well, of course :) I think Sean has a hard time though because if we are both in the room Noah usually wants to be in my arms. I tell him its just a phase. But I secretly love it! I mean what mom doesn't love it when their baby just wants them and loves to cuddle. Noah has some very tender moments with Sean as well though. He would rather be put to sleep by Sean than me. Also he gets so excited to play with daddy. He plays spiderman with Noah and its one of his favorite games. Sean will hold Noah by his hands and make him fly through the air like spiderman, bouncing off items in the house and landing on platforms. On Sunday mornings we all cuddle in bed together and Noah goes back and forth grabbing at mine and Sean's faces and giving us kisses. We just love it.

Sean is trying to teach Noah to nod his head. Noah loves to shake his head and does it all the time. Its so darn cute. When Sean is feeding Noah he will asks if the food is yummy and Noah will shake his head no. Sean wants Noah to know the difference so he is working hard on that. Its so sweet watching Sean teach Noah. We are also working on getting Noah to learn how to blow kisses, or as Sean likes to say "besos". Which is kisses in Spanish. Noah smiles when we bring his hand to his mouth and do it for him and just giggles and giggles. I think he will catch on soon enough. Also Noah will hug you when you say hugs! Man I can't get over how fast children's minds learn things. Its amazing. God really did create wonderful bodies for us. The human brain is a marvel.

Sean weighed Noah last night and the scale said he was 18lbs. I think he is about 28 or 29 inches now. We will be taking him in for his year appointment in a couple weeks. Yes that's right I said YEAR! I know right?! Crazy! When did my little infant turn into a big boy? His party is next Saturday and we are so excited. More on that to come.

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  1. They really do grow up so fast!! Now I know why so many women just want to make the clock stop for their little babies ;)


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