Tuesday, July 3, 2012


My family went on a camping trip this last weekend. It was such a blast!! The only thing that could have made it even better was if my love was there. Sean couldn't go due to work. He was scheduled for that Friday and Saturday. Not only was he not able to get out of it but also our bank account would have greatly suffered had he missed those work hours. It was the longest we have gone without seeing each other since we started dating in January of 2010. It was 32 hours of not seeing my love. It was pretty tough at night. I got to see him the morning before we left and the night we came home so we have kept our record of not going a day without seeing each other for over 2 years. Sweet or pathetic? You decide haha. We are on the side of sweet :)

Noah had a great time on his first ever camping trip. He got to get really dirty and even eat some dirt and rocks haha. What baby wouldn't love that?! Silly guy.

We left Friday at 10am. We had planned on 8am but this is my family we are talking about so not surprising. We tend to leave later than planned for most things. This is why we always pick crazy earlier times to "leave" or "start" because its almost always hours later that it actually happens. Sean and I are notorious for being late to family things with my family. We secretly do it on purpose. Mostly because the reason above. They will tell us its starts at one time and then call us at that time asking where we are (we are on our way) and when we get there they arent even ready to leave or start dinner or whatever other activity is taking place. haha.

We got everything packed into the two vehicles. Noah and Cortney rode with my mom and dad and brother Justin. Andrea and I rode with Amanda and Corey in his truck. It was suuuuuch a long freaking drive there! We got to the intended camp site and saw a sign that read "closed, Fire warning" or something to that effect. So we continued driving for awhile until we found two open campsites. We chose the less expensive one of the two. We complained a lot on the way up there but mostly just because it was fun. haha. We had a fun time driving up there even though it was uncomfortable. I asked Corey if it would have killed him to have bought an extended cab truck and he said yes. Guess thats the end of that debate.

We got to camp and set up our sleep quarters. Here are the pictures of them.

Mom and Dad and Cortney slept in one tent.

Justin was on a cot in his own tent

Me, Noah and Andrea were in a tent

Amanda and Corey slept under the stars on an air mattress but we didn't get a picture. 

After we set everything up we had lunch. Then we went for a hike/walk. It was mostly a walk since it was a paved trail and not up or down hill. We walked for about a mile. At the end there was a beautiful view of the rim! Amanda and I kept freaking out whenever anyone would get close to the edge. I guess its a mom thing. We just saw them falling over and dying every time they would come close. I think our "close" and their "close" was very different though. We felt more comfortable with being 10 feet from the edge. They were fine with 1 foot. It really was so pretty though so we were glad to have seen it. Even more glad no one fell off the edge.

 Such a funny dad we have! He was being "gangster". You know they often do the I love you sign haha

Cortney likes to copy her Uncle Justin
 Stopped and played some baseball with pine cones and sticks.

Then we went back to the camp site and just hung out. It was a pretty chill lazy day. Mostly just watched Noah and Cortney play with dirt and toys, and talked and joked around a lot. When dinner time came around Dad and Mom made hot dogs while amanda served everyone up. She loves making plates for everyone. I think its mostly to do portion control to make sure everyone gets their fill. (Good idea with our family haha our eyes are bigger than our tummies sometimes).

The next day Andrea, Dad, Corey and Amanda woke up crazy early to go see the sun rise at the rim. Mom, Cortney, Justin , Me and Noah enjoyed our beauty sleep.

Noah woke up, sat up, looked at me then rolled over on top of me like so and then went back to sleep. It was so precious! I just let him lay like that for an hour and fell sleep as well. He is such a sweetheart. I love when he is cuddly like that. Oh! Before I forget! Noah said "yummy" throughout the whole camping trip. Every time we would give him food he would say it. I think he got it from my mom. She says it all the time to him when she is  feeding him.

Later that morning we packed up camp and drove to the river. Mom and I opted not to get wet. I'm not a fan of dirty, cold water. I'm not opposed to letting Noah be in it though. He loved it! Everyone else had a good time playing in it as well. Dad threw some pretty big rocks at Andrea (not hitting her of course but close enough!) forcing her to go deeper and deeper into the water to get away. It was pretty hilarious! She got him back though. She splashed him pretty good. When everyone had their fill of the river we headed home.

It was a very successful trip. I think we are all more grown up because it was the first family trip in a while that there was no arguments at all! We are such big kids now and can get along :)  Noah and I were both very tired and a little sunburned. It seems that Noah got Sean's genes on the skin though. Noah has very fair skin like me but he apparently doesn't burn like I do. I get burned and it fades slowly from red to pink back to very white. Sean however goes from red to tan. And he doesn't stay red for long. I'm happy to say that Noah was only red until the next day and now has an olive tint to his fair skin. Lucky duck! Oh well. I like my snow white fair skin. It works for me :)

When we got home Noah had a bath, I showered and then we played for a while, had dinner, read some books and then I put him to bed. He was so overtired (he didn't nap very much that weekend) that he was fighting the sleep. He cried for about 10 minutes. I grabbed him out of the crib and read him another story and cuddled him until he fell asleep. As soon as I put him in the crib he woke up! So I just let him cry for another 5 minutes and he was out. Poor guy was so sleepy. I cant stand dirty laundry from a trip to sit for too long so I got all the laundry done that night, and unpacked everything. Sadly I didn't see Sean until 10pm that night. Dang work. So I entertained myself with netflix and played Plants Vz Zombies on my itouch. Sean got me addicted to the game. He got home and I told him all about our adventures. He said he had a pretty good time too. He missed us but he was able to use the alone time to read up on his music artists, play some games, and practice his guitar. (If I didn't tell you his new years resolution was to learn to play guitar)

I hope this post wasn't too boring. It was fun to write about.

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