Sunday, July 15, 2012

2 years, say what?

Two years have gone by since I married my best friend in the whole wide universe. Guess what?! It's been pretty great!! I love him more today than I did then. Didn't even know that was possible that day when I was staring at him from across the alter thinking how lucky I am to have caught him. But it has happened, I love him more and more and more. We have been through a lot in these last 2 years. So much to be grateful for. And some experiences that have been tough. Marriage is hard people. Not hard like "oh no this is too hard lets quit" Thats just crazy talk. But it is a lot of work and isn't all smiles and laughs. There is a lot of that though :) We have had differences that needed to be worked through and we have grown closer to each other and to our Heavenly Father by going through them.
Two years of marriage practically makes us experts right? I mean in a world where wedding to divorce last 72 days, 2 years is a pretty dang long time. So here is some advice from us: The old married couple.

  • Love each other. Say it often. Its good to be reminded that you are loved.
  • Serve each other
  • Find what your spouse is interested in a become interested in it too. Even if its just so you know one or two things on the subject. Trust me they will appricate the effort. I'm not a fan of sports but I look at yahoo sports when I have time at work so when I get home I can have something to say when Sean wants to update me on the world of sports happenings. He is alway impressed when I know something before he tells me.
  • Forgive easily.
Not to say our marriage is perfect. We have our disagreements and all that but we always respect each other and even more than that we love each other. I have the best husband in the world. My husband can beat your husband up. haha j/k. Well I don't know he might actually be able to. But thats besides the point. Sean is so kind, loving, thoughtful and puts others before himself. I don't know what I did to deserve such a sweet man but I am so grateful I have him. He makes me feel love constantly. I love his silly stories. I love his funny faces he makes to make me laugh when I don't feel like it. I love how he makes me feel beautiful even when I just took off all my make up and got ready for bed in grubby pj's. I love how sweet he is with Noah. How he strives to teach him things and makes sure Noah experiences all the lovely things in life. He has such a good out look on things. No matter what is going on he knows its going to work out for the good. He is my best friend, my baby daddy, my love.
So, we made it 2 years and have an eternity to go, bring it on! We love this adventure of love and marriage.

So I bet you are wondering what the love birds did for their big 2nd anniversary. Well its pretty epic... haha ok not really but we enjoyed it very much. I had to work so after I got off the fun started. We were going to take Noah to feed the ducks at the park but we decided to stop by walmart to pick up the bread and to turn in our old car battery to get money back. Turns out walmart has horrible customer service (who knew big companies don't care about the little guy, right?) and they took half an hour just to get a customer service rep to the cashier so they could do the money back exchange.

By the time we got our money it was already getting dark and rainy. Love summer monsoons :) But they don't do well for park trips. So we took Noah to his Grandma Howells for the night. He has such a fun time with Grandma.

We went to dinner at one of my favorite resturants. Red Robin. I just love a good hamburger and they have delicious ones! We were pretty hungry so we scarffed down our food pretty quickly. They were so kind and gave us the onion rings for free for our anniversary.

Notice we are wearing our wedding colors? I didn't realize this until we were on the way to dinner. So Fun!

Then we went to the theater and saw The Amazing Spider-man. It was A-Maz-Ing! Much better than the first set of movies. Sean got me popcorn and a water and even held my hand during the movie. Ya thats true love right there. Everyone say "awww"

 Looking pretty cool in our 3D glasses.

 That was our night. It wasn't very much but we liked it still the same. We have Noah's bday party this week and the following week we are going to Florida so we decided to just keep the anniversary a small celebration. There was lots of hand holding and kisses. yay for love <3

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