Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Private or Public, What say You?

So I'm in the process of talking with a wonderful fellow blogger about helping design a button, header and other things for my blog. While emailing her about what I'm looking for with the theme and such I had a thought come to mind.
How do I feel about people I don't know reading my blog? I know I have some readers that I don't know. I have some stats from Russia, Malaysia, Germany and other various places. Yet somehow I only have 14 followers? Guess I have some secret readers. Any who, its never been a concern for me before this morning. My boss was telling me how his wife has a blog and its more of a journal than anything. Thats why I started this blog. It was meant to be an easy way for me to journal and to let people know what me and my family are up to. I'm fine with others reading most of what I post but I have found myself censoring myself so as to not cause any controversialness. (ya I know thats not a word, but it works) Also I haven't written about some really personal stuff because, well its personal. But I would love to have it written down and recorded. I know that someday I want this blog published into a book for my family as a geneology.

I also at the same time love knowing that I have a lot of  return readers (followers or not) and that I'm at least some what interesting. Also my family reads my blog but don't have a blog themselves. I don't know how they can follow my blog without one and still read it if I go to private. Hmm what to do?

Pros of Private:
I can write a negative post and not feel like I'm being judged for being a negative nancy. (eveyone has bad days and I want my blog to refect my real life. The lovely and the other stuff.
I don't have to worry about werido's secret reading my blog
I can write more personal things that are too private to share with the world
I can write about sacred things. Like blessings I've recieved from Sean or revelations we have recieved on our life and family

Pros of Public:
Its easier for family and friends that don't have a blog to read my posts.
I like knowing others find my thoughts interesting even if they don't know me.
Its a fun way to meet new people.
I like having a voice on subjects and having others hear, read my thoughts on things.
It's a great way to get feed back
Networking is great
So here is the question. I would love some feedback. What say you? Private or Public Blog? Is there a way to have the best from both worlds? Other than having two blogs. Thats just too much to keep track of.

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  1. Hi! I just discovered your blog for the record. And I've been enjoying your recent posts on being a mommy :)

    I've been recently struggling with this same question with my blog. I think I am going to go private. But it's a hard decision! My only comment is (and maybe you already know all this...) that your family/friends can read your blog easily as long as they have a gmail/google account to sign in with (after you invite them). If they don't even have that, you should be able to invite them to your blog with other email accounts, its just a little more complicated. Also, as long as your family doesn't mind, you can add their emails to your blog account and it will email your post to everyone every time you blog. Anyway, maybe some things to research if you didn't already know all that :) Good luck with the decision!


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